November 24, 2009

Francine DelMonte: Born to Run Away From Her Responsibilities

I’m On Fire ever since word reached us that Francine DelMonte, Niagara County’s self-styled Local Hero, had shown up at a ribbon-cutting Monday morning. After all, the last we heard, Governor Paterson had called the Legislature back into session. Now, granted, Paterson himself decided cutting that same ribbon and smiling for the TV cameras was somehow more important than reaching agreement on how to fix the state’s appalling budget mess, so we thought it was possible Frannie had managed to catch a ride out with the erstwhile Guv.

Turns out we were wrong.

A friend of Francine’s revealed to us that the real reason that Francine was in town was because she was busy Dancing in the Dark at the HSBC Arena late into the night on Sunday.

That’s right: even as she and her colleagues were grossly failing the taxpayers who elected them and Waitin’ On A Sunny Day to miraculously fix the state’s budget mess, Francine was, Surprise, Surprise, making time to take in a Bruce Springsteen concert.

Now, we don’t mean to demean The Boss. Frankly, we enjoy his music. In our teen years, we even listened to a cassette tape of Born in the U.S.A. until it wore out. But our only responsibility in those days was a part-time afterschool job, not fixing a self-made budget mess affecting 19 million citizens.

But while Francine is reliving her Glory Days, Rockin’ All Over the World to The Boss, she’s not in Albany fighting for WNY’s interests as the budget-cutting sharks circle. So, when your school district’s aid gets slashed and your school taxes go up, make sure you ask Francine how Bruce’s rendition of Hungry Heart sounded. Of course, if you voted for Francine, you’re Your Own Worst Enemy. As New York continues Goin’ Cali, Francine DelMonte is not only dithering—she’s letting us all go straight Into The Fire.

Francine’s constituents would have been better served had she gotten into her Pink Cadillac or a Downbound Train to Albany and done her job. And given the price of tickets to the Springsteen concert, and realizing that she bought those overpriced tickets with the pay she received for not doing her job, it’s even more disheartening. Maybe expecting her to do her job is just Countin’ on a Miracle, but given the damage that this state government has done in the past year, we don’t think expecting Francine to go to Albany and do the job she’s being paid to do should be a Leap of Faith.

Maybe since she moved to her Mansion On The Hill in Lewiston, Francine has forgotten that the little people who work in places like My Hometown don’t get to blow off their jobs and their responsibilities.

But for the rest of us, it’s as if we’re being Held Up Without a Gun by Francine and her Assembly colleagues.


James T. Kirk said...

What, no Thunder Road reference, Hobbes?

lido said...

Francine has been an unmitigated disaster since she took over. People, even me, are quick to condemn the repeated failures of NC Democratic Party Chairman Dan Rivera, but DelMonte is the top Dem elected official in this county and she has failed her party as a whole. She let Newlin and Soos go down in a ball of flames and even let her annointed one, Melson, get crushed in a district held by Dems for 50 years.

She is a self-serving, self-absorbed beckon call girl for Shelly Silver who does nothing for her constituency outside of Niagara Falls. And considering what a dump that city is, it doesn't look like she's doing much for them.

You're a disgrace, DelMonte. Please do all of us a favor and resign your seat in the State Assembly - if for no other reason, to show you have just a shred of decency and pride.

Poopchute said...

Well said lido, having said that, delmonte will win again because who's gonna run against her? Maybe that two-bit Onesi, but he got his clock cleaned by mr. haircut.