November 4, 2009

Election Recap

All I can say is WOW! I don't ever recall such an obliteration of the Niagara County Democratic Party like what occurred last night.

Let's start with the County Legislature. Every single GOP-backed candidate won except Jason Murgia. That surprised no one. Ric Marasco's win in the Primary Election ensured his win last night. The county legislature race that is sending shock waves through the Niagara Dems is the loss by Nick Melson to Vince Sandonato in the 5th LD. Melson, a legislative aide for Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte, was thought to have the resources of DelMonte and Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster behind him. The 23 year-old Sandonato pulled a whopping 56% of the vote. This loss is especially disconcerting to the Dems considering it was held by a Dem for over two decades. DelMonte should be extremely concerned with the prospect of facing off against Sandonato in a few years.

The other race the Niagara Dems were counting in the "Win" column was Chris Perna over Russ Rizzo in the 9th Legislative District, the seat vacated by Andrea McNulty, in the heart of NC Dem Chairman Dan Rivera's home turf. Rizzo won with 55%.

While I'm sure there was some token attempt by the Dems to put up opposition in other Legislature races, the results didn't fair well for their efforts. Butch Farnham pulled 65% in the 7th LD; Bill Ross won with 69% in the 8th LD, Pete Smolinski pulled 57% in the 10th LD; John Ceretto won with 64% in the 12th LD; and in the 15th LD, Tony Nemi won with 61%. Not many close races.

The GOP will maintain its current 14-5 super-majority.

Three other races around the county have devastated the Niagara Dems. In Lewiston, Republican Steve Reiter crushed incumbent Fred Newlin 55% - 39%, in North Tonawanda, Rob Ortt annihilated incumbent Mayor Larry Soos 66% - 34% and in Wheatfield, Bob Cliffe beat Sam Conti 59% - 41%.

The wins in North Tonwanda and Lewiston are crushing defeats of DelMonte. She only had three political allies left in Niagara County, the two who were defeated last night, and Dyster. Yesterday's election leaves her with just Dyster, which is just fine, they deserve each other.

What this means for Rivera remains to be seen. He'll probably remain on as chairman simply because no one wants the job. The GOP is okay with that.

Lastly, hats off to Niagara County GOP Chairman Henry Wojtaszek, he had another phenomenal election - a much better election than Ed Cox.

Oh, one more thing - we at Niagara Times would like to point out that we accurately predicted every race that we had prognosticated last week. In fact, we called Cliffe with 57%, Reiter with 54% & Ortt with 60. They pulled 59%, 55% & 66% respectively. Hey, when you're good, you're good.


e said...

Kudos to Henry Wojtaszek on another fine election. There's no telling what he could have done as State chairman.

rob clark said...

Hobbes........I was wrong the other day. Good job on the election results.

Hobbes said...

Thanks Rob, I appreciate that.

James T. Kirk said...

I thought Henry Wojtaszek was a Navy man, so I'm sure the Air Force is a bit miffed about him stealing "shock & awe". An amazing night here in the Red County of Niagara.

Poopchute said...

It was a great call hobbes, but republicans have had the "super majority" for a 10 years and niagara county is still the highest taxed county in the USA, so I guess that makes you proud. Steve Reiter will be a one termer once he finds out he will have to really work for a living. Too bad, he was the best gas station attendant there was before the indians put him out of work. Vince Sandonato will end up being arrested for DWI at some point and fall out of favor. Rizzo and Ross are both pushing 80 so we will see if they finish their terms. Enjoy being the king of hill of NC, hope your downsizing works out. Unless we make them full time, then it would be a net loss. Soo's was right nothing but smoke and mirrors.

TomJ said...

I hate sore losers... And sore losers who say things that are completely ridiculous are even worse. Thing is, Im a democrat. And actually thats putting it loosely, I barely have any interest in politics at all. I came across this page when I was researching and trying to familiarize myself with the local candidates, and I enjoyed what I was reading. And such as any good thing, there always has to be someone to spoil it. Poopchute, your comments are ridiculous and unfounded. Forecasting that a person will get arrested for a DWI when you have no knowledge of them as a person, no reason to expect that he would be so irresponsible, is complete crap. And while I admittedly know nothing about Russ Rizzo, I heard Bill Ross speak last week, and I must tell you, he is inspiring, he is intelligent and there is a reason he is the chair of this Legislature.

Paladin said...

*sigh* I was wondering when Poopchute would weigh in.

The Democrats are thoroughly repudiated, and all he can do is fling vitriol, invective, and downright slander at the winners--not to mention get his facts wrong. (Poop--the GOP supermajority has only been a reality for four years--which, for you, would be since what, junior high? Oh--and sorry your race didn't work out. Must be tough to roll loaded dice and still come up snake-eyes. Shoulda worked harder on Cayuga Island, huh?)

Congrats, Henry. Congrats, GOP. You earned our trust by governing well. THEY didn't.

lpietrobono said...

Tom, better do more research, if Ross is so great than why did he get kicked off the chair last year and get replaced by burmister? Did he forget to kiss georges ring or something? Russ Rizzo is an great person and well liked, it doesnt change the fact that he is almost 80.

TomJ said...

My apologies, like I said, I know very little by way of politics. I was just weighing in on such a negative unjustified comment by the previous poster.

When I met Bill Ross on Thursday evening, he was introduced as Chairman Bill Ross. If this is not the case, then excuse me for misspeaking.

Either way, it doesnt change the fact that these people worked hard for their wins on Tuesday, and theres no reason to bring them down already.