November 2, 2009

Election Preview II

We began our 2009 Election Preview on Friday with a look at some of the more exciting races in Niagara County. Today we'll lay out our predictions for the contested county legislature races.

District 1 - Richard A. Marasco defeats incumbent Jason Murgia.

District 2 - Renae Kimble is unopposed.

District 3 - Jason Cafarella is unopposed.

District 4 - Incumbent Dennis Virtuoso defeats Mark Onesi.

District 5 - Vince Sandonato defeats Nick Melson in the battle for retiring Sean O'Connor's seat.

District 6 - Danny Sklarski is unopposed.

District 7 - Jerry Farnham defeats challenger Roger Chenez.

District 8 - Incumbent Bill Ross beats Robert Collins.

District 9 - Russ Rizzo defeats Chris Perna in the battle for Andrea McNulty's seat.

District 10 - Incumbent Pete Smolinski beats Katie Rich.

District 11 - Paul Wojtaszek is unopposed.

District 12 - John Ceretto beats challenger Dan Antonucci.

District 13 - Clyde Burmaster is unopposed.

District 14 - Kyle Andrews is unopposed.

District 15 - Incumbent Tony Nemi handles Scott Stopa.

District 16 - Keith McNall is unopposed.

District 17 - Rick Updegrove is unopposed.

District 18 - John Syracuse is unopposed.

District 19 - Mike Hill is unopposed.

The county legislature should come out of this year's elections with the same 14-5 majority for the GOP, meaning no gains for the Dems.

This consistent inability of Niagara County Dem Chairman Dan Rivera to make substantive inroads into the Republican's majority in the legislature, coupled with what will likely be huge losses in North Tonawanda, Lewiston and Wheatfield, could mean the end for Rivera.


Poopchute said...

Hobbs not sure if Marasco can beat Murgia. He has health problems. But the real coin toss is with the battle of the paper boys in district 5, you really think a republican can win in that district?

Hobbes said...

I know Marasco is not well. I guess the question is, does that factor into the minds of people when they walk into the voting booth?

The overlay in 5 is about 800. Tough to overcome, but I think Melson has run a poor campaign. I mean, touting the fact that you got your political experience in Albany, the home of the most dysfunctional state government in the country, as an asset? Not a smart strategy.

TomJ said...

Sandonato has worked his butt off in the 5th. Knocking on every door personally rather than having his team do his footwork for him. I think LaSalle is ready for a change, and I sure hope he pulls off the win tomorrow.

James T. Kirk said...

TomJ, I have to agree. I have lots of family in LaSalle, and they're really impressed with Vincent. Apparently, he's a really genuine guy, and really running as the "LaSalle" rather than "Niagara Falls 5th District" candidate. And, as anyone who's ever eaten a burger at Sullivan's, a slice at Joey's, or an oversized cone at De Dee's knows, LaSalle has its own unique identity.

Melson has a party machine on his side, but an inept campaign. Sandonato, meanwhile, seems to be winning their hearts and minds.

Hmmm...and LaSalle seems to have won my stomach.

The Avenger said...

Pooper, I think Marasco's hard work before he got sick and the huge Dem overlay in the district will carry the day. Murgia simply didn't work hard enough early on and when he got trounced in the Dem Primary, the fat lady started signing.

The Avenger said...


Please stop pointing out Dan Rivera's faults. We do not want him going anywhere.

-- Niagara County GOP

TomJ said...

I agree Kirk, his heart is definitely in it.

Melson must have got wind of the Niagara Times prediction for his loss... He has come up with a new campaign strategy... I just heard he parked Mom and Dads minivan in the parking lot of Pine Plaza with his signs on it. That sure beats getting off his ass and talking to people...

Poopchute said...

sorry boies, but Laysalle (as dennis says) will never go to republican.

The Avenger said...

But that race isn't Dem versus Republican. It's Dem versurs a Republican-Independent-Conservative-Working Families candidates. Minor lines matter. Melson never should have lost the WF line and I predict that will be his downfall.