November 12, 2009

DelMonte Disingenuous

So New York State Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte is taking a stand against domestic violence. In fact, DelMonte has sponsored the Kari Ann Gorman bill in the Legislature, requiring students in 7th and 12th grades to learn about dating and domestic violence.

What has inspired DelMonte to address this issue that is so pervasive in our society? That would be the actions of New York State Senator Hiram Monserrate, who continues to serve in the Senate, despite the fact that he was convicted of assault after slashing his girlfriend in the face, a wound that required 40 stitches to close.

Monserrate, a Democrat from Queens, has defiantly stated that he will not resign, but he could be removed.

DelMonte is quoted as saying "domestic violence is unacceptable under any circumstance".

The problem for DelMonte is that she's a day late and a dollar short. She jumped on the anti-Monserrate bandwagon long after many of her colleagues in Albany did, making us wonder if DelMonte does truly care about domestic violence and violence against women in general.

After all, she never called out Dan Rivera after he placed his hands on the Lewiston Democratic Committee Chairwoman, in addition to the profanity-filled verbal tirade he directed at her. And where was DelMonte when Rivera accepted $1,000 in political contributions from what was determined to be a sex-slave prostitution ring? Did DelMonte demand that the money be returned? Nope. Did she at least request that a contribution in the amount received from the leaders of the prostitution ring be made to a local women's shelter? No. Not a word out of her.

She was never a leader in calling for the resignation of Monserrate, and she hasn't all of the sudden seen the light of the tragedy of domestic violence. She saw an opportunity to score some political points, and she went for it. Unfortunately, her actions are disingenuous at best and an insult to anyone who's ever been a victim of domestic violence.

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