November 11, 2009

Adams: Enact Gay Marriage To Honor Veterans

With New York State facing a $3.2 billion deficit, Governor David Paterson called the state legislature back to Albany this week for a special session. The goal of the session was to address the massive hole in the state's budget. The budget was never addressed. Why? Because of gay marriage. In the eyes of Democrats in the Senate, this issue trumps the budget shortfall. This piece from Capitol Confidential illustrates part of the time line in yesterday's failed session.

Instead of debating the Deficit Reduction Package, the Senate Democrats spent the afternoon debating the merits of bringing the gay marriage bill to the floor. Glad to see these folks have their priorities in order. Ultimately, the Senate, because the Dems couldn't come to a consensus on gay marriage, did nothing to address the budget shortfall.

What they did do is spend some time thanking our past and current military personnel for their service to their country. Considering today is Veteran's Day, that is certainly an admirable gesture on their part.

Where the recognitions and accolades went horribly wrong is when Senator Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn), rose to speak. I'll try to encapsulate Adam's comments, but the below YouTube video truly captures the horribly misguided priorities of Adams and his Democratic colleagues in the Senate. In rising to acknowledge the military service of the men and women of this country, Adams stated that there is "no greater honor we can give to our veterans than to ensure that every American regardless of their gender have a right to marry."

I'm sorry, what? There is no greater honor we can give our veterans than the right of gays to marry? Are you completely freaking insane? I mean, forget about the Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial and the World War monuments. I'm not talking about War Memorial Stadium or Veterans Stadium. I'm not even looking at the local parades that are so prevalent throughout the year to celebrate the glorious men and women of this country that have sacrificed so much to ensure our freedom and way of life. Nope, in New York State Senator Eric Adams' delusional mind, we have gay marriage to honor our vets.

I'm not a vet, but family members and friends are or were. To think that this man has the audacity to diminish the service of anyone who ever had the courage to put on the uniform of the United States armed forces in this manner is sickening.

Is gay marriage a topic that is worthy of substantive discussion? Absolutely. But Adams' distorted view of reality does nothing to move that dialogue forward in a productive manner.

In addition, Adams and his Democratic colleagues have sufficiently taken the focus away from the enormous deficit that our state is facing.

Here's an idea for you, Eric: Why don't you honor veterans by simply thanking them for their strings attached. I know that's not how you do things in your neck of the woods, but I'm confident that even you are capable is showing some human decency - even if you don't mean it.


Paladin said...

This is right up there with the time The Village People decided to honor our military personnel by recording "In the Navy"...oh, wait...

Jim said...

Adams said something about vets fighting for American values, which equal protection under the law definitely is. And you're going on about the Senate (which NEEDS fixing!) being unwilling to rubberstamp a complicated piece of legislation in a one day session, and saying that Adams was denigrating the service of vets somehow...So, what's your point again?

Hobbes said...

If you're too stupid to understand the point, go find another blog more suited to your reading comprehension level. Moron.

James T. Kirk said...

Hobbes, unfortunately, whenever you delve into certain topics, trolls will show up. So it is with "gay marriage." Despite poll after poll showing the public opposed, and even places like fairly liberal Maine and the Land of Fruits and Nuts itself, California, voting it down, this vocal minority will come in and cheer on anyone who says anything remotely positive about their side.

The fact that Jim chose to get into bed with Eric Adams, whose Senate career has included telling the taxpayers he needed a raise and to "show me the money," says a lot about what a one-issue buffoon he is.

However, we'll never see Jim again, unless, of course, you weigh in on this issue again. He'll be too busy spamming some other board for not embracing the fabulous possibilities that await a New York with legalized gay marriage.

Or, he'll be too busy watching Project Runway.