October 15, 2009

State Senate Dems Continue To Spend Recklessly

Western New York's own Bill Stachowski and his fellow Senate Democrats have just hired a “Director of Upstate Relations,” and tapped a controversial ally of ex-Erie County Democrat Chairman Steve Pigeon to fill the post.

David Pfaff now works as the $70,000-a-year “director of upstate relations” for Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr., a Democrat. The new position reports directly to Espada, the Bronx-based Senator that Stachowski helped install as Senate leader this summer.

This position is in addition to the directors of all of the other Senate Democrat's directors of the Senate’s upstate offices, including offices in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse. They are controlled by the president of the Senate, Malcolm Smith, who hails from Queens. But since neither Smith nor Espada recognize the authority of the other, they both need to create these offices across the state.

What's sickening is that the state is facing a $4 billion deficit, but the Senate majority leader does not want to go without his own director of upstate relations.

All of the people from Upstate who have put people like Stachowski and Antoine Thompson, who may be the dumbest person on the planet, in office are getting exactly what they deserve. Unfortunately, those of of us who know better are also paying the price.

We're said it before, and we'll it again - if you vote for a Dem at the state level, you are voting to send all of the power and money to New York City. Get your collective heads out of your asses people, this is not about parties, it's about Upstate getting our fair share and ending the tyranny bestowed upon us by New York City Dems.

Once again, watch idiot Senator Kevin Parker give his take on how invaluable Upstate is. If you think he's in the minority with his thinking, you're dead wrong.


Poopchute said...

What a waste of money hiring more dead wood. But its kind of funny when Niagara County hired Pecker as the propagana minister you so happy! I guess your only beef is when the dems hire people, another reason your blog is a joke.

Paladin said...

Well, Poopchute, you may express derision for the County's public relations man, but it would seem to me he's doing a pretty good job. It seems like the county government's stock is going up and up, and Francine DelMonte's stock is going down. Word on the street is that she's bracing for a very bad election night.

Hobbes said...

50,000 unique vistors over the past year is hardly a joke. Thanks for your daily contribution to those numbers.

Poopchute said...

well hobbes 50,000 poopchutes and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee, were all so proud of you !

Hobbes said...

It gets me alot more than that, poop. If you had a political bone in your body, you'd be quick to realize that.

Sean said...

I really do not see a lot of tyrannical elements to the Democratic Party grasp in New York State. In all honesty, we the electorate, have allowed mob rule to become an everyday part of our political lives. We assume that majority rule is acceptable and that should we vote in the majority, then our issues must be represented appropriately.

A tyrant is more of an illegitimate ruler (latin translation) – someone or some body who seizes control of the populous and instills their ideology of serving self, or the few, to the mass. At the end of the day, the people of NYS elected these officials into power, we have yet to have true tyrannical behavior.

Moreover – it is illegitimate commentary which poses a true threat to our future.

Sean J. Daly