October 14, 2009

Put The Animals Away Forever

I've noticed that as I've gotten older, I've become immune to certain societal acts, and that's sad. I guess the more exposure one has to just how evil man can be, it gets harder and harder to sympathize. It's not that reading or seeing a story about murder, rape, arson, assault or whatever one person can so easily do to another doesn't bother me, it just seems so prevalent in our society that it's hard to get a handle on it.

This story out of Palm Beach really struck a nerve. How people can do this is beyond me. The story goes into some of the most graphic details, but the actions of these four animals against a 35 year-old mother and her 12 year-old son include gang raping and sodomizing the mother, forcing her and her son to have sex with each other and then dousing the two victims with cleaning solutions in an attempt to destroy DNA evidence.

How can people such as these four get so much pleasure through the suffering of others?

Rape is a horrible, life-altering crime that no one should ever go through. But to make the mother perform oral sex on her own son is so far beyond sadistic, these animals need to be locked up for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, the families of the defendants don't see it that way - a melee ensued after the animals were sentenced to life in prison.

And of course, during the trial, the defense attorneys and the defense psychologists lined up to portray these animals as poor, poor products of their environment. The defense attorneys and two psychologists who testified for them argued that the youths were products of troubled upbringings. One was born cocaine addicted, another lost his father at a young age and another was constantly beaten by his grandmother.

On defendant's mother testified that she had been treated for mental illness and alcoholism, and herself was raped twice. His father testified that he had been in and out of recovery for drug addiction. The father went on to say, "I'm asking you to give him a second chance and take into account what he has endured."

Are you fucking kidding me? You raised this animal to be just like you, and you want him to get a second chance? What about what the victims of his crimes have endured, do they get a second chance to get their lives back? The answer is no, they don't, and neither do these four animals that perpetrated this hideous crime.

Let's hope these four get what they've given a thousand times over in prison.

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James T. Kirk said...

This is why I've moved, over time, away from the Catholic Church's qualified aversion to the death penalty. Unseemly as state-sanctioned muder may be, when you read about people like this, you want to expand its use and increase the cruelty with which it is delivered.

Sanitary, sterilized needles gently putting crazed psychopaths to sleep like a beloved family dog grown long in the years? Nah. Bring back hanging in the public square and guillotines.