October 20, 2009

NYPA Thugs At It Again

Well, that didn’t take long.

Just a few days ago, this blog reported that Niagara County had scored a huge win in its lawsuit to reverse the state’s sweep of NYPA’s “excess” funds, and get to the bottom of how an agency charged with producing power at the lowest possible cost to consumers could possibly have an extra half-billion dollars laying around.

Well, sources report to us that in the days since that win, the Power Authority has gone about freezing Niagara County out of the application process for wind turbines on the Great Lakes.

This blog has detailed concerns in the past over whether our county’s stimulus-fund lobbyists were getting access to key state agencies, and now we can most definitely report they are not.

Apparently, last week, when the lobbyists tried to set up a meeting with NYPA staff to discuss “next steps” in the application process, they were put off quite rudely and told that, as a result of the county’s lawsuit, there would be no further meetings. Up until the county’s attorneys beat NYPA’s state-paid lawyers in court, of course, these meetings were proceeding on track and everything was just hunky-dory.

Now think about that: One of the counties with some of the most Great Lakes frontage in New York State has been frozen out of the application process for a taxpayer-funded wind-power initiative because the big babies at NYPA’s headquarters in White Plains are throwing a tantrum. Brilliant.

This gives lie to so many things, of course: all the “green” talk about “green energy” and the like, for starters. Apparently, green energy isn’t bigger than politics.

It also blows a big hole in Richie Kessel’s promised change in tone in NYPA and Niagara County’s relationship.

Mostly, though, it peels back any pretense that NYPA is anything more than a politically-charged quasi-governmental agency. Of course, so do press releases like this, that quote every Dem politician in Western New York (frankly, we’re surprised they didn’t manage to quote the mayor of Wilson while they were at it).

So, we have now seen the new era of “my way or the highway” Democrat governance of New York. If we stand up to them, it’s cute and they send in Richard “Call Me Richie” Kessel to charm the County Legislature. If we stand up to them and win, they’ll try to cut our throats.

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