October 29, 2009

How Can We Miss You If You Won't Go Away

We here at your favorite blog have always had mixed feelings about former Niagara Falls Superintendent Carmen Granto. On one hand, he seemed to do a good job keeping taxes down where possible and managing a school district that, given the socioeconomic situation of Niagara Falls, isn't easy to manage. And the Niagara Falls High school project is clearly a crowning achievement.

At the same time, Granto didn't exactly run a transparent school board. Nor did he seem to do anything significant when he sat on major boards like NCCC, IDA & NFTA. He seemed more interested accumulating power on these boards than doing anything.

But the stinging comptroller's audit that blew the lid off the Niagara Falls School District really showed Granto's true colors. Credit card spending run amok, accumulation of time off that led to a huge payout when he retired, bookeeping beyond shoddy.....and it goes on and on. How he was able to operate the school board in that manner for so long really tells you something about governance in Niagara Falls.

When Granto mercifully retired and handed the superintendent's job off to his sister (only in NF can you pull that off as well), much of the stink from the school district left with him.

Which brings us to today's point: Who the hell on the Niagara Falls Library Board thought that appointing Granto to a vacant position there was a good idea? Given everything we know about a school district run amok, how can any public or quasi-public board that has any fiduciary responsibility at all, justify this appointment?

Granto was better served (as were we all) when he simply faded from the scene with a mixed legacy. Now, how can we miss him when he won't go away.

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Poopchute said...

Well lets look at another has been school official that won't go away, bill ross. This guy would be in jail if he was still working for the NW district. I never heard of carmen ever beating up kids or swearing at students. I hope you are so proud of him too, it a real tough guy who can slap around 7 th graders.