October 28, 2009

A Happy Ending In Niagara Falls

After spending most of a lifetime here on the Niagara Frontier, nothing out of the Cataract City should surprise me anymore. I mean, this is a city where corruption is shrugged at and it’s sometimes hard to know who to root against when a political brouhaha flares up.

But I still managed to be shocked when I read that Mayor Paul Dyster’s Tourism Advisory Board is about to urge spending city funds on pole-dancing GoGo girls, a “lingerie show” and a VIP gentlemen’s lounge.

That’s after the promoter of an event being called the “Dream Toys Show” pitched his “economic development” plan to Niagara Falls officials. The article also notes that the Dream Toys Show will feature a “children’s play area with bounce houses.”

Maybe they should invite James McKinney.

Look, ol’ Hobbes is no prude. I mean, you can’t spend your formative years just across the Rainbow Bridge from Lundy’s Lane and not have a somewhat jaded view of adult entertainment. And, honestly, I found myself laughing far more than cringing when the swingers descended on Grand Island. (Not that I plan to ever stay at the Grand Island Holiday Inn ever again, mind you.)

But this article is really disturbing.

Now, in any other city this side of San Francisco, such a proposal would be laughed out of town. But the event’s promoter, Carmen Toromino, has already secured the venerable Niagara Falls Convention Center for his smut show, and the Tourism Advisory Board seems close to urging a green-light for public funding:

“Such a draw would be a welcome sight downtown during one of the slowest times of the year tourism-wise, said board member Vince Mameli.“‘I think there’s going to be a lot of money flying around,’ said Mameli, who was among those encouraging Toromino to bring the show to Niagara Falls.“In the past year, the city has allocated $175,000 to sponsor or support various events, festivals and concerts. Tourism Board Chairman Jerry Genova chose his words carefully when asked Monday if he supported making a financial contribution to the Dream Toys Show.“‘I’m not in agreement with all of what will be going on but I think you always have to look at things across the board before drawing a conclusion,’ he said. ‘You have to see the process through.’”

And this is the city that needed everyone else’s casino money to fix its streets.


Poopchute said...

And this is the city that needed everyone else’s casino money to fix its streets. Why do you think you are entitled to the casino money from the Niagara Falls casino? Niagara Falls residents already pay niagara county taxes for what? of yea, to hire more lawyers to sue ourselves. Money generated in Niagara Falls should stay in Niagara Falls. You can keep your Yahoo profits ha ha.

Paladin said...

Gee, Hobbes, sounds like Poopchute needs one of those happy endings himself. Someone's obviously bitter and not having his needs taken care of...

The Avenger said...

Hey Poopy, you can keep your money in Niagara Falls if you'll stop taking mine to fund all the Social Services the rest of Niagara County provide to Falls residents (51 percent receive government assitance.)

James T. Kirk said...

Avenger, I honestly couldn't have said it any better myself. Niagara Falls politicians love to insist that they have an absolute right to the monies from the casino, as if the City of Niagara Falls doesn't cost the rest of us an arm and a leg.

Those who live in the towns and villages of this county, and the better parts of Lockport and NT as well, they get stuck picking up the tab for the failed cesspool of humanity that is Niagara Falls. You don't see a state-run methadone clinic in Newfane, do you?

Poop, I propose a counter-offer: Niagara Falls gets to keep the casino revenues if it's willing to leave Niagara County. Heck, you can even keep the name Niagara County--the rest of us will come up with something else.

Just stop making us pay for the dregs of humanity who call your city home.

Poopchute said...

@trekie, You don't see a state-run methadone clinic in Newfane, do you? No you don't do you? But where do all the junkies come from? It wasn't someone from Niagara Falls that was found upside down in a dumpster. You think the crumbs from NF can afford the horse, sorry boy's better check your kids for needle marks. Just don't ask them where the money comes from, you realy don't want to know. We gave you the preverts back, have fun!!

James T. Kirk said...

Please, poopchute. Little is as self-evident as the fact that Niagara Falls is a failed, third-world city, full of human debris.

Frankly, it's an embarrassment to New York State. Even that buffoon Michael Moore made fun of it in "Canadian Bacon."

The city is an eyesore. It has a legacy of corruption. It has a population on welfare. And it thinks the rest of the county owes it.

It's time the rest of us stop bailing Niagara Falls out. I'm sick of my taxes going to pay for 16-year-old addict mothers' bus rides to methadone clinics.