October 9, 2009

Friday Ruminations

As military officials are preparing to ask Obama for as many as another 60,000 troops to add to the 68,000 already serving in Afghanistan, the level of hypocrisy from B.O. and his supporters is sickeningly astounding. Wasn't it Obama who said he would be bringing our military personnel home shortly after he took office? Wasn't it the supporters of this fake who crucified Bush for leading out country into war to in the name of preserving freedom? Not only is Obama sustaining Bush's military policies, he's augmenting them. What a fraud.

Speaking of Obama, I wonder if he thinks it's too much to ask of the Niagara County Democratic Party to spell his name right on their "Elected Officials" page. Once again, nice job Dan. You do such a fine job representing your party.

So the State of New York is facing a multi-billion deficit, and what do the NYC Dems that control that State Assembly & State Senate do? They raise their per diem by nearly 7 percent.

The resolution by the Niagara County Legislature opposing the proposed expansion of the CWM landfill in Lewiston because it will impede the county's economic development efforts is nothing more than pandering to one loud-mouth, overzealous opponent of the project. The attempt to connect the economic development efforts of the county with the proposed expansion is, at best, a stretch.

As Lockport Mayor Mike Tucker said, an arbitrator's ruling that the city's fire department must have a minimum of 10 men on each shift is "absurd". The ruling will cost the city's taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's time the city took a serious look at the privatization of it's ambulance and fire protection services.

So we have our own local version of the Octomom. Look, I guess everyone has the right to procreate, but that doesn't mean I should have to pay for it. This couple looks like they have a very loving and caring family, and that's great. But the fact of the matter is that they both work at Wal-Mart, and the reality is that they will likely end up on some form of social services. It sickens me that the mainstream refuses to acknowledge this fact.

We're hearing that the budget that outgoing Wheatfield Supervisor Tim Demler has proposed has some serious problems in it, including a revenue line of $400,000 from the Oz project that will never materialize. This is the type of smoke & mirrors garbage that drove voters to boot him out of office.

Lastly, how pathetic is your city when people would rather lose their jobs than live in that city? Obviously for the folks who chose to get fired rather than live in Niagara Falls, it's extremely pathetic. It's all good, though. Falls Mayor Paul Dyster has things in the Cataract City flowing so smoothly that he has time to go to the Hardrock to give a toast to a fictional TV couple that spent one day in the city. God, it's just so pathetic. Why not give them the damn key to the city since they spent one day in your city like idiot Byron Brown did with Terrell Owens?


Poopchute said...

Hobbes the most miserable person in Niagara county, unless tax dollars are being is shoveled at lawyers. what a joke.

Paladin said...

Niagara Falls: The City that Helped The Office Jump the Shark

Paladin said...

Gee, Hobbes, in the spirit of Tim Demler's optimism about Oz...

Fred Newlin, Larry Soos, Dennis Virtuoso, and Tim Demler are caught in a tornado, and off they whirled to OZ. They finally make it to the Emerald City and came before the Great Wizard.


Fred Newlin stepped forward timidly:" I've come for some courage."

"NO PROBLEM!" says the Wizard. "WHO IS NEXT?"

Larry Soos steps forward, "Well, I guess I need a goddamn brain."


Up stepped Dennis Virutoso sadly, "The other day, Hobbes told me that I need a heart."

"I'VE HEARD IT'S TRUE!" says the Wizard. "CONSIDER IT DONE."

There is a great silence in the hall. Tim Demler is just standing there, looking around, but doesn't say a word. Irritated, the Wizard finally asks, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?"

"Is Dorothy here?"