October 2, 2009

Friday Ruminations

Thank God that everything in this country is in such fine shape that Obama can take time away from his Presidential duties to fly to Copenhagen to lobby for the Olympics for Chicago. Of course, him being out of the country may impede his weekly Leno/Letterman appearances.

Speaking of Obama, since he's in Copenhagen, he may not have heard that the country- THIS country - lost 263,000 jobs in September as the nation's unemployment rate soars to nearly 10%. How's that "Change You Can Believe In" thing workin' out fer ya?

The testimony of two witnesses who stated that they wrote in Steve Reiter for Supervisor in Lewiston on the Working Families line may heavily influence the outcome of the November election. Reiter is represented in court by well known GOP attorney John Ciampoli while Fred Newlin is represented by First Amendment rights expert & Lewiston Dem Committee Chairwoman Diane Roberts.

Former Governor and likely U.S. Senate candidate George Pataki had his official portrait unveiled at the State Capitol yesterday. Eliot Spitzer has yet to have his portrait commissioned. I gotta tell you, I think it's a real stretch to have his portrait hanging in the Capitol. He was a disgrace before he was Governor, he was a disgrace while Governor and he resigned a disgrace. Why would he want his picture there, to be the subject of ridicule everyday?

Kudos to Niagara County Sheriff Jim Voutour for his utilization of technology and social media to keep the public informed and to receive tips. Keep up the good work, Jimmy V.

Get ready to kiss a little but more of your freedom goodbye - Obama has banned texting while driving for federal workers and is setting the stage of a nationwide ban.

Defense attorney Andrew LoTempio apparently thinks that threatening Niagara County with a big bill will get his scumbag client off. LoTempio and his client deserve each other.

The Sabres open the regular season tomorrow night. Hopefully they'll give us something to cheer about - the Bills certainly haven't. I think my Bills prediction of 5-11 may have been a bit optimistic.

Tragedy has once again struck the community of Wilson. God bless the friends and families of these two young men whose lives were taken much too young.


Poopchute said...

Wow didnt your pals in the NC leg. already take away your right to text?

The Avenger said...

Hobbes, you're wrong on texting and quite idiotic. I have the freedom not to get hit by some moron who is too busy texting rather than watching the road.

A true libertarian knows that anything that doesnt' cost me money or hurt me or my family should be allowed.

Texting while driving fails that test.