October 27, 2009

Fallout From Lobbyist Memo Continues

When we first broke the story detailing a memo sent to the Niagara County Legislature and County Manager Greg Lewis referencing the New York Power Authority's refusal to meet with the county's lobbyists on the proposed wind-farm project because of a win by the county in their suit against NYPA, we figured there would be some fallout. Legislator Renae Kimble took the ball and ran with it by questioning Lewis, and we commend her for that.

Subsequently, there are have been several articles referencing the issue (here, here & here). They contain statements like "We absolutely want Niagara County to be part of the offshore wind project", "I am 100 percent in line with having the Niagara County Legislature and Niagara County participate fully in this project", "that litigation is irrelevant to our relationship with that Legislature". All of these quotes came from NYPA CEO Richard Kessel.

We're going to make this real easy on everyone. If the memo is erroneous, which everyone from NYPA adamantly states, why hasn't the meeting been scheduled?

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