October 12, 2009

Best Wishes To Ric Marasco

We've been critical of Niagara County Legislature candidate Rick Marasco of Niagara Falls for a variety of reasons over the years, including his actions during Governor David Paterson's visit to Niagara Falls earlier this year, the details of which we won't rehash here today.

That being said, although we have very different political philosophies from Mr. Marasco, we want to wish him all the best in his ongoing health battle.

As many of you know, Ric was rushed to the hospital three weeks ago. Shortly thereafter, he underwent emergency brain surgery to remove a portion of a brain tumor, though we understand doctors were unable to remove the entire tumor due to its proximity to the brain's memory center.

We are told that Ric is home resting now.

Once again, very best wishes to Ric in his battle. Politics certainly pales in comparison to what he is enduring and what he will likely face in the future.

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