September 4, 2009

Time To Step Up, Richie

We admit, we tend to beat up on NYPA and its CEO, Richie Kessel. But let's make one thing clear: we don't do it for the fun of it; we do it because the Niagara Power Project unequivocally generates the vast majority of NYPA profits, and NYPA and Kessel continue to fail to deliver for this community.

Sure, they came in and dropped in some low-cost power for the Yahoo! deal, but the number of times that NYPA has failed this region far outnumbers what they brought to the table this one time.

To be fair, not all of that should fall on Kessel. There have been plenty of opportunities for former NYPA CEOs to do something for the betterment of our region, and they all failed us.

It's not surprising. They view those in Western New York and a bunch of hicks that are so far removed from civilization that we wouldn't even notice that we're getting screwed. Well, we have noticed, and we're sick and tired of it.

People from WNY that have been appointed to the NYPA board, like Elise Cusack and Pat Curley, have zero character. They have been put in a position to be strong advocates for our community, and they have completely let each and everyone of us down. How the hell either of these people have the audacity to show their faces in public is beyond me. But, I guess if you're going to sell your soul to the devil to make yourself politically relevant today, your time will most certainly come later. And it will.

After yesterday's post, hell broke loose in NYPA. Yes, we know this for a fact. So, I sent an email to Michael Saltzman, a spokesman for NYPA, stating that should he or Kessel have the desire to respond to yesterday's post, I would be more than willing to print a response. Shockingly, they haven't responded. But really, why would Kessel respond? He's never shown any accountability before, so what was I thinking when I thought he would now?

From a public relations perspective, I like Kessel. I like people who can walk into a crowded room and deliver hour after hour of pure unmitigated bullshit. It's a talent that I personally have worked for years to cultivate. I think I have it down pretty good.

But my bullshit doesn't impact thousands and thousands of people; Kessel's does.

So I'm willing to make a deal with you, Richie. I will sit on the godawful amount of information I have about the most intimate details of the inner workings of NYPA, which I gave you just a little taste of yesterday, and you start being a man of your word. And I mean now, not six months from now.

I want to see a major announcement of something NYPA is doing for the betterment of this region - and I'm not talking Niagara Falls or Buffalo, or the $250,000 you're planning to bring to North Tonawanda in order to try to save Larry Soos' sorry ass, or I can assure you, the proverbial shit will most certainly hit the fan. I shit you not.

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