September 14, 2009

Our Buffalo Bills Prognostication

No NFL season would be complete without the pigskin prognosticators at Niagara Times giving our outlook for the Buffalo Bills. As you may recall, last year we predicted a 6-10 season for our beloved Bills. The team finished a very mediocre 7-9, missing the NFL playoffs for a ninth straight season, the longest current streak in the NFL.

Let me start out by saying I am a fan of the Bills. When I say that, I mean the players. That's where my support of the team ends. I despise the front office, which is more concerned more with putting butts in the seats than putting a winning product on the field. This is evidenced by the hiring of a slew of marketing guys to run the football team. I'm sure Russ Brandon could sell shit to a plumber, but he is not a football guy. In fact, the front office has very few football guys.

What the team has absolutely forgotten over the past 10 years of mediocrity is that I am the consumer. They have made no attempt to put a quality product on the market, so I won't buy it. I understand that there are loyal Bills fans in WNY, and I think that's good. But I would not spend one dime of my hard-earned money to support an organization that unequivocally refuses to put a product on the field that is worthy of my money.

Even more than that, I am repeatedly given the opportunity to attend Bills games for free. I won't go. They're not worthy of my money and they're not worthy of my time. I refuse to give up one of my weekend days to watch this team - they're just not worth it.

Even my respect for the players has limitations. I think most of them are spoiled, over-paid and under-educated, despite the fact that most of them have obtained, not earned, a college degree.

Which leaves us with the prediction. The O-Line is in utter shambles. Three of the five starting offensive lineman have never taken an NFL snap. Trent Edwards has regressed immensely. T.O. is a nightmare waiting to happen. Members of the D-line are past their prime. The secondary looks good, as does special teams. The head coach is among the worst in the league. Offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt has never called an NFL play.

What do all of these ingredients make? They make a 5-11 team that will miss the playoffs for the 10th straight year.

Have a nice season.

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