September 23, 2009

Not Such A Cute Couple

Earlier this year, the Wheatfield Republican Committee pulled its endorsement of incumbent supervisor Tim Demler. Subsequently, a significant number of allegations have been lodged against Demler's handling of town affairs.

When the committee pulled the endorsement, many said it was because of Demler's alleged affair with a town employee, Tracy Gurnett. Demler vehemently denied the rumors of nailing a married town employee.

Now, if the allegations of improprieties against Demler in his dealings with town matters do in fact prove to be true, the law will handle them appropriately. But when it comes to sleeping with another man's wife, that's just slimey. I'm not saying the female doesn't have some culpability, but Demler should know better, if the rumors are indeed true.

This video was shot in Jamestown earlier this year, and it features Demler and Gurnett.
We'll let you decide for yourself.

Congratulations to the voters of Wheatfield for dumping this slime.

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