September 30, 2009

DiNapoli's Proposal Just Another Tax

Although idiocy and Albany go hand in hand, I'm continuously astounded at the level of ignorance that comes out the of state capital.

The latest lunacy comes from State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

Because DiNapoli believes that we are under-charging out of state students to get their higher education at SUNY schools, he would like the SUNY system to significantly raise the tuition of out of state residents. He believes that SUNY could take in $340 million in additional revenue over four years if it gradually brought out-of-state tuition more in line with other states in the region.

I'm going to go out on a limb and state that DiNapoli failed economics. You see, one of the most basic principles of economics states that if you increase the price of an item, demand is likely to decline. If the amount of students coming from out of state declines, the number of adults staying here upon graduation is also going to decline.

Considering that the "brain drain" is one of the most significant problems facing New York, one would think that the state would have a better solution to addressing the issue than simply placing another tax on the backs of people (students) who have chosen to do business (go to college) in this state. But I guess that's what we get when we're stupid enough to elect Democrats to every statewide office in the state, let them maintain their stranglehold in the State Assembly and hand them the State Senate. You've chosen the party of tax and spend liberalism, then you bitch about the taxes in the state. Amazing. But I digress.

DiNapoli needs to get his head out of his ass. This is nothing but another tax, fee, assessment or whatever you want to call it. How about this novel idea: Propose CUTTING SPENDING, you dolt. Continuing to lay your bloated budgets on the backs of overtaxed New Yorkers is not the answer. But with clowns like Paterson, DiNapoli, Suozzi, Sampson, Silver, Smith and the like running the show, why the hell should we expect anything else?


vintage said...

You're totally wrong on this, Hobbes. Why should we be subsidizing out-of-state residents to attend our schools? Any increase in revenue from the higher out-of-state tuitions could be used to reduce tuition for in-state students (which was part of the Comptroller's idea, which you omitted). For once, DiNapoli has a good idea.

lido said...

I think you're missing a huge point, vintage. Everyday we, the taxpayers, subsidize hundreds of thousands of welfare recipients and illegal aliens in this state. If I'm forced to subsidize someone or some group, I'd much rather subsidize someone who may some day be a productive member of society.