September 2, 2009

Demler's House Of Cards Crumbling Down

We read with great interest today's Buffalo News story about allegations made against Wheatfield Supervisor Tim Demler by town council members. It seems, according to the councilmen who are serving with him, Demler has repeatedly authorized the payment of town bills even after the town board denied them. That's a big problem. Even worse, there is documentation showing that Demler later received campaign contributions from those he unilaterally had the town make payments to.

Interestingly, we also have also received much of the substantiating documentation, but were looking for further verification before we moved forward with it. And I can tell you, it does not look good for Demler.

As you may recall, Demler's endorsement was rescinded by the Wheatfield GOP a couple of months back. At the time, no reason was given by the committee, but it was widely speculated that the decision was based on Demler's affair with a town GOP committeeman's wife, who happens to work for the town (which in itself, banging another man's wife, would be reason enough for me not to support this slime). It now appears that the decision of the town GOP committee had nothing to do with Demler's philandering, but with the massive corruption that has become the staple of his organization.

Demler's response to the allegations was to simply attack the councilman who has been the most vocal, Larry Helwig. Well, here's an idea, Tim. Take the documentation that shows repeated indiscretions on your part and sit down with the councilmen, the media and the public and explain yourself. Going after the accuser is smoke & mirror bullshit, and no one is going to buy it.

Of course, since these allegations are being looked at by the Niagara County District Attorney, the F.B.I. and the New York State Attorney General, Demler may just as well be served by keeping his mouth shut. Because if what is being alleged is true, and the documentation certainly seems to support that, Demler has a big, big problem ahead of him. We're talking prison.

As a side note, kudos to Helwig for having the courage to speak out. We've never known Helwig to be a big political guy, just a local person who enjoys serving on the town board. It's not easy to put yourself out there as he has done, but he's doing the right thing.

You never know what you're gonna get in these sleepy little towns like Wheatfield. This election, which wasn't even on the radar a few months back, now appears to be one of the most interesting ones to watch. Stay tuned.


Wheatfield Republican said...

I agree with you, Demler is a slime! I must admit I am a former Demler supporter. After hearing several inappropriate things from his perverted mouth, I decided prior to the 2007 election not to vote for him. This is not the person I want leading and representing the town I live in. Now everyone is finally learning who he really is. I only hope the voters realize how serious Demler's actions are and how embarrassing it is to our town. I want to say thank you to Larry Helwig for bringing this information to light and to the entire town board for doing the right thing. Demler must go!

Richard said...

My hats off to the GOP for reacting to situations no matter how unpopular people may have believed them to be at the time. I know that some of these people who Mr Demler only a year ago called friends are now being threatend and attacked personally for standing up for what is right. To them i say stand tall and to those making the threats shame on you and its obvious you can only be his friend as long as you are his pawn and cant think for yourself. Wheatfield is in need a major changes so we can once again stand proud and be certain things are done for the better good rather than personal gains. Let your voices be heard VOTE CLIFFE

Barney said...

I’m please that the Wheatfield Republicans have finally produced their facts; now the PUBLIC can make a sound decision.

Reading through the Buffalo News article it obvious that Mr. Helwig has done his homework.

However, I don’t really believe that he did not know about this stuff back in 2007. Fiscal abstracts are reviewed on a regular basis and surely discrepancies like this would have been caught.

I'm sure the voters will make the right choice for Wheatfield.

rob clark said...

With all the bad pub between the gop camps, I think voters will turn them both away and vote for Sam Conti

Sam Conti said...

It's funny how all these allegations are coming out now but they fell on deaf ears when I tried to make the public aware of what was happening in our Town since 2005, the first time I ran for Councilman.I was told I didnt know what I was talking about and I was just being political because I was running for Public Office.I believe in campaigning on facts and issues and have always done so with everything I do.I will always put my name on whatever literature is distributed by my Committee so if it does not say "Friends of Sam Conti" on it it did not come from me or my committee. This year Vote for "An Honest Change" in Wheatfield, Elect Sam Conti for Wheatfield Supervisor