September 22, 2009

Breaking News -- Newlin Storms Out of Senior Center

Lewiston Supervisor Fred Newlin chugged on over to the Lewiston Senior Center today to talk to the older men and women as they dined on their usual Tuesday lunch. But according to some knowledgeable sources, when Fred got there he was angry that one little old lady had the audacity to be wearing a Steve Reiter for Supervisor t-shirt. Newlin pulled the Senior Center director aside and demanded that granny be told change her t-shirt or hit the road.

Obviously Fred Newlin never learned that you don’t badger a senior citizen because this particular woman refused. The director demanded again, at Newlin’s urging, that the lady leave or change her clothes and this started a little dust up. Again the lady refused, saying this is a free country and she can wear whatever she wants.

Well Newlin apparently sensed that his demands on this senior lady had turned the crowd hostile toward him so he said he’d come back next week and bid a hasty retreat out of there.

Clearly, Newlin’s legendary thin skin is already showing and the campaign hasn’t really started yet. The only thing rising faster that Newlin’s temper these days are the electric bills of Lewiston homeowners….but that’s a blog for another day.


The Avenger said...

What is going on in this country when you have to demand that anyone who doesn't agree with you or support you must leave or hide their views?

Newlin must sense the tide has turned against him and the pressure is showing.

Barney said...

My mom told me about this today - its the talk of the town.

She thinks it's shameful that Fred Newlin tried to suppress her friend's free speech.

I wonder why he is so insecure that a simple campaign t-shirt would drive him mad.

Why does he not respect our seniors – they should not be treated like this.

The Avenger said...

Fred Newin clearly gets off by being a bully. It's a shame that the Town Board let's him get away with it. I used to like Al Bax but it's clear to me he has sold out to Newlin. Bax is just like the rest oif them which is a real disappointment.

Paladin said...

All we can say is, Wow.

We guess we shouldn't be shocked, given Fred's rude treatment of a Lewiston resident who questioned him on his 37% pay raise at the last Lewiston town board meeting, but still we find ourselves shocked.

What a small, petty tyrant.

Poopchute said...

But he will still win in November no matter how many of you cry babies boo-hoo about him.

Tom said...

At this rate Newlin will not even make it to November, he is losing his mind. His chances of winning went to zero when he took his huge 37% raise and partied with Modern in their luxury box at HSBC. Can you say ethics commission?? Makes you wonder what he took from the NYPA to let them take Lewiston to the cleaners..

Paul Hutchins said...

Hey Poop..isn't calling us crybabies kind of like the pot calling the kettle black?? The whole reason for this post is Newlin's childish, "crybaby" behavior. He does not stand a chance in November after all that has occured recently.