August 3, 2009

A Note To Sacco & Rivera: Change Up Your Playbook

So, we read the news Friday that Peeping Jim Sacco and Dan Rivera are at it again, questioning another legislator’s legal residence. This time, it’s Gerald K. “Butch” Farnham, the long-time representative of western Lockport and Pendleton, former majority leader, etc, etc.
The problem is, you can only use a play like this once. While we see that over at the Gazette, our favorite “reporter,” Mark Scheer, dutifully parroted the Democrat Party’s talking points, we rather enjoyed the dispatch from the Buffalo News’s Tom Prohaska, who actually, uh, investigates things before he just passes them along as news.

We love this passage from Prohaska’s story: A reporter’s visit to the Saunders Settlement Road home this week turned up Bert Manning, Farnham’s father-in-law. Manning said Farnham is in the process of remodeling the house and intends to move there eventually, but he still lives on Hinman Road. Farnham confirmed that.

Wow. Butch Farnham bought a piece of property that’s in tough shape.He and his father-in-law are rebuilding it so he can eventually move. Meanwhile, Farnham has a long-term lease—and the paperwork to prove it—for his current residence in the Town of Lockport. Naturally, with nothing more than a wish he had found something noteworthy, Dan Rivera rushes to dirty up the waters and finds a willing ally in Democratic Party Spokesman Mark Scheer.

The problem is, Rivera and Sacco never did their homework. All they do is skulk around the County Courthouse digging through the real estate filings of every Republican elected official and appointee. (Here’s something to ponder if you fall into either category: Dan Rivera has already snooped through the legal filings related to your home. He knows what you paid for it. He knows what you pay in taxes. He knows who you bought the house from. And he thinks that’s all his damn business!)

Butch Farnham is a farmer. Farmers constantly buy and sell pieces of land. It’s the commodity they trade in. No doubt, Sacco will be showing up at his door early in the morning hoping to catch a glimpse of Butch in his bathrobe.

Niagara Times has more than happily criticized Farnham in the past. But at the end of the day, he’s a decent man and a pretty solid legislator with a strong record.

Dan Rivera and Peeping Jim, meanwhile, are little more than vicious partisans who will do anything to muddy up people who fail to genuflect to Francine DelMonte.

Rivera and Sacco owe Farnham an apology. Farnham owes Rivera a broken nose.


Dark Knight said...

Hobbes, your sentiment is right, but you're anger is the wrong direction.

Yes, Rivera is a slime for the actions that got him fired at Liberty Mutual and his penchant for putting women in their place.

Yes, Sacco is a peeping Tom sexist....hey, maybe ESPN's Erin Andrews should find out where Sacco was the night she video taped walking around naked in her hotel room.

But the fact that they act politically and challenge Jerry's residency is just political people being political.

The fact that you can hurl any charge you want and the stenographers at the Gazette run off and cover it without seeing if the charge has merit is absurd.

And yes, they give Jerry a chance to answer but the fact is when a charge is proven to be inaccurate, there should be no story.

But Scheer is proving to be lazy and Rivera is taking full advantage of it...gotta give Rivera props for knowing how to play the media.

Maybe it's time for the GOP honchos to stop playing nice and fire off some press releases of their own.

James T. Kirk said...

Hobbes, you are, as always, ahead of the curve. This was in the Buffalo News the day AFTER you wrote the above post:

Legal wanderings

A lawsuit by Pendleton Democrats, to be heard Thursday by State Supreme Court Justice Frank Caruso, asserts that Niagara County Legislator Gerald K. Farnham should be booted off this fall’s election ballot because he’s moved out of his district.

Farnham denies the charge, saying he’s still living on Hinman Road in the Town of Lockport, even though he bought a farm on Saunders Settlement Road in Cambria three years ago.

His attorney, Edward P. Perlman, argued Friday that the very process of serving Farnham with the legal papers undermined the suit’s chances of success.

It seems the Democrats’ process server went to the Saunders Settlement Road address where the Democrats claim Farnham lives, but the server couldn’t find Farnham.

So, Perlman says, the process server headed for Hinman Road, where he found Farnham and served him the papers— at about 11 p. m., an hour at which most people, especially those like the married, 64-year-old Farnham, are in their homes.

That’s right: according to Perlman, a lawsuit that asserts Farnham doesn’t live on Hinman Road had to be served to him in his home on Hinman Road.

The suspense of finding out how this lawsuit comes out is just killing us.