August 27, 2009

Kill NCCC Culinary Plan

This idea of placing a culinary institute in the decrepit Rainbow Mall in Niagara Falls stinks on a multitude of levels.

First of all, anything that David Cordish is involved in should raise a red flag. The guy has done nothing to revitalize a once thriving retail space smack dab in the middle of a city that draws 11 million visitors a year. How the hell is that possible? You don't even need to develop with the "if you build it they will come" mentality. They're there already! Cordish has been a complete disaster as the owner of the mall.

Jim Klyczek, President of Niagara County Community College, is delusional if he thinks this thing is going to get past the county legislature. Considering the county contributes approximately one-third of NCCC's budget, I don't want a single freakin' penny of MY tax dollars going to support what will be another failure in the City that Always Weeps. If any legislator does decide to support this, get ready for an onslaught.

You've got to love Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster's quote in today's Buffalo News: "What happened today was that you had all the key entities sitting around one table," he said. Who, you? You're a key player? In what, overseeing the demise of what once was one of the greatest cities in the country? Please. You're not a key player in watching water boil.

Dennis Mullen and Peter Kay....well, let's just say I wouldn't trust them to oversee the development of a house made of Lincoln Logs.

Bill Ross, Chairman of the County legislature, apparently was in attendance as well at this meeting of supposed "key players" (I'm sorry, I just have to laugh out loud when I read colleagues keep wondering what the hell I'm doing in here). Let's hope Ross doesn't get steamrolled by Klyczek the way he's been run over by Greg Lewis.
Call your county legislator and tell them if they support this waste of your tax dollars, they lose your support.

1st Jason Murgia 439-7177
2nd Renae Kimble 282-1618
3rd Jason Cafarella 285-8132
4th Dennis Virtuoso 284-1582
5th Sean O'Connor 298-5179
6th Danny Sklarski 297-7982
7th Gerald Farnham 433-0703
8th William Ross 731-5949
9th Andrea McNulty 572-4994
10th Peter Smolinski 695-1873
11th Paul Wojtaszek 695-7134
12th John Ceretto 754-7066
13th Clyde Burmaster 791-3111
14th Kyle Andrews 751-6252
15th Anthony Nemi 434-0133
16th Wm Keith McNall 434-8070
17th Richard Updegrove 434-2140
18th John Syracuse 778-5064
19th Michael Hill 735-3259


James T. Kirk said...

Hobbes, I couldn't agree more. The problem with the NCCC Culinary Arts Institute--oh, wait, I said "problem", singular. Let's try again.

The problems with the NCCC Culinary Arts Institute are many.

1) By locating it in a dying city that can't even pay the maintenance on its own streets, all government is doing is throwing good tax dollars after bad to demonstrate that "We're investing in Niagara Falls' future." Wonderful. We've been doing that for a long time, and as someone with an MBA, I can tell you that we're receiving a negative ROI. In the markets, they dump stocks that perform like that.

2) The manner in which this was handled. Cordish is a huckster who found a bunch of schmucks willing to agree to a ridiculous long-term lease at fire sale prices. Then he found another schmuck in Klyczek. He goes in and dazzles them with a high-energy sales pitch, and they commit money--taxpayers' money--to his latest scheme. Cordish gets richer, but not much happens.

3) The legislature has allowed NCCC to run roughshod over the county taxpayers here. Klyczek negotiated a deal that costs $2M more than the one he already had with a failing hotel chain--and then dropped it in their laps.

But now it IS in their laps, and it's time for them to kill it. The rest of us shouldn't be on the hook for millions of dollars--and an actual financial stake in the Rainbow Centre!--just because Jimmy Klyczek is easily dazzled by the same tactics that other hucksters use to unload timshare condos.

Barney said...

I agree. This project is getting out of control. It should be scaled back or not done at all.

I would like to see it located closer to the college, maybe in in a community that will support it with established restaurants, Theatre, cultural events and festivals. Call me when the roads are repaired.