August 20, 2009

Dyster A Faster Study Than County Legislature

At Niagara Times, we’ve done little to hide our disdain for Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster. We even find ourselves in agreement with several of Dyster’s critics on the Niagara Falls Council who privately refer to him as “Dysaster.”

So when we first heard the news that Dyster—or more accurately, City Manager Donna Owens—had kicked uncredentialed Niagara Falls City Engineer Ali Marzban to the curb after five months, our first reaction was to cluck at yet another Dyster debacle. We even contemplated a blog post mocking Dyster. How do you manage a nationwide search for a highly-paid government official and end up with such a dud?

But then a friend gently reminded us that the Niagara County Legislature—a governmental entity that we find ourselves usually in the position of supporting—did precisely that back in 2003, when they hired this man. Nearly every single day since he started, Greg Lewis has managed to give Niagara County a black eye.

After five months of one embarrassment after another by Mr. Marzban, Dyster—or, more accurately, Owens—finally had enough and got the spine to fire an insubordinate worker with a penchant for grabbing unflattering headlines and bringing embarrassment to the government for which he worked.

So, for once, we’re ready to offer Paul Dyster some praise here at Niagara Times. Yeah, he screwed up royally hiring Marzban, but at least he didn’t take six and a half years to get rid of an employee that was completely out of his depth.

Maybe Bill Ross and the Legislature’s Majority Caucus should be taking notes.

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Paladin said...

Thank God that clock doesn't count how long he's been here, Hobbes...I think I'd cry.