August 12, 2009

DelMonte's "Solution" Puts Families At Risk

In the August 3 issue of the Niagara Gazette, New York State Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte submitted a column in an attempt to justify her actions in leading the relocation of convicted sex offender James McKinney from the Midtown Inn in Niagara Falls to the B Cozy Motel in North Tonawanda.

In the piece, which can be found in its entirety here, DelMonte boasts, "A meeting I hosted in July with Division of Parole officials and (other entities), officials offered a constructive dialogue of Parole’s responsibilities supervising offenders and public discontent with the situation at the Midtown highlighted with McKinney’s placement there. Three weeks after the meeting, Parole moved McKinney to a new location in North Tonawanda."

As she stated, she hosted the meeting. DelMonte is clearly taking full credit for the relocation of McKinney from Niagara Falls to North Tonawanda. On her Assembly website, DelMonte crows of her "promise to continue fighting to ensure our children are safe and protected from predators".

But there is a huge problem with her pushing Parole to move McKinney out of the Falls to North Tonawanda: He has been relocated to an area that is within seconds of a several heavily concentrated communities in....not North Tonawanda, but Wheatfield. In case you're wondering, DelMonte does indeed represent Wheatfield.

Now, we're not advocating McKinney remain in the Midtown Inn - as someone who's been convicted of raping four girls under the age of 14 our belief is that he should be castrated and left in prison - but for DelMonte to present this farce as serving the best interests of her constituents is an absolute travesty.

But don't take our word for it. Take a look at the below video. It originates at the B Cozy Motel, where McKinney currently lives, and illustrates this "favor" DelMonte has done for her constituents. It also demonstrates, once again, DelMonte's blatant disregard for anyone in her Assembly district who lives outside of Niagara Falls.

Apparently her "promise to continue fighting to ensure our children are safe and protected from predators" only applies to her constituents in Niagara Falls. If you live in Wheatfield, you should be very, very concerned.


Niagara Prognosticator said...

Looks like Senator Reform has jumped in to get this guy out of relatively remote motel Wheatfield. I wonder where he'll land next and if Mariarz gets blamed here for that move?

Actually, apparently this guy is originally from North Tonawanda, Reforminista Central, so does George get blamed for him?

No, that's right, Soos is the Mayor, blame him (psst, he's also a D).

But shouldn't we all just blame it all on the liberal judges who just let these creeps out to roam our streets, room in our flop houses and create fodder for demagoguery?

So who was the judge that released this skum???? Oh, there's a story in today's newspaper...

Eh gads, It's that Judge Kloch. A liberal?

What's that you say? Kloch is a long time Maziarz ally? What? Maziarz championed Kloch's appointment to the Court of Claims and backdoor transfer to the Supreme Court?

I can add and multiply. So Senator Reformer, rigged the system to get his friend appointed to a court without an election, who was then transferred by a friendly Administrative Judge to a Supreme Court seat, a position that is elected for everyone else, all so the judge could approve of the release molesters of children into the community?

What is this world coming to?

James T. Kirk said...

"Relatively remote"??? NP, you've already proven yourself to be a shill for Francine, but come on! The video shows it all. Those houses are a quick walk away. There's an "after-hours pediatric care" center right across the street.

There's nothing "relatively remote" about it.

Just thank God George Maziarz is able to get results for the people who live in the rest of this county!

Niagara Prognosticator said...

Compared to the densely populated area around the neighborhood Niagara Street School, the Cozy is "relatively" remote. Especially with the densely traveled 4 lanes of NF Blvd., Sawyer Creek and an awkward access to the homes on Trails End Lane as depicted in the attack video. The only thing that necessitated the quick move was the day care across the street.

Which begs the question. Where to next? Unfortunately into someone else's neighborhood, likely to have children but devoid of a school or day care to legally justify a relocation. But someone's neighborhood just the same. One, btw, which will have a local officials, a member of the Assembly, a Senator and a whole host of other officials who can pitch blame against one another.

It is unfortunate that one politician (Maziarz) saw fit to sling mud against a member of the other house as somehow she is solely responsible for the application of a state law. An Assembly member who sought to enforce the law by getting a convicted pedophile removed from a residence in close proximity to the school. How Francine DelMonte can then be blamed for where the DOC, or DOP placed this con, is beyond honorable.

So, if it takes me being called a "shill" to counter that nonsense, so be it.

PS. It appears that both Soos and Demler also took a stand against the relocation.

James T. Kirk said...

Niagara Prognosticator, in his own words: "The only thing that necessitated the quick move was the day care across the street."

Only someone on Francine's payroll, or hot for her, could so callously shrug about the fact that Francine DelMonte had a child rapist moved literally across the street from a daycare center.

Niagara Prognosticator said...

Yeah JTK. Nice try on the insults. As usual, when you have no argument, attack the other person

Right. Ms. DelMonte chose the location. According to the news reports, NYS Division of Parole selected the location. If you Maziarzinistas really cared, you'd make a complaint to Parole (perhaps you have your own parole officer?). But why waste a perfect opportunity to tar and feather with half-truths and incendiary rhetoric?


Paladin said...

Hold on NP, all Kirk did was quote you directly. You consider that an insult?

Oh well. As long as Pine Ave is safe for organized crime, right?

Niagara Prognosticator said...

Reading comprehension always been a problem for you P?

Niagara Prognosticator said...

BTW, According the the DCJS web sex offender registry, there are no less than 17 level 2-3 offenders currently living within the 14120 zip code. What is Senator Maziarz doing about that!

Artemus said...

NP-You are right. Delmonte has nothing to do with where this guy was placed after he was kicked out of N. Falls. It is unbelievable what "destructive politcal twisting-of-the-truth crap" comes out of this blog.

Apple Pie Bunker said...

A quick search of the NYS Sex Offender Data Base finds Mr. McKinney has moved to The Elmira Correctional Facility as of June 22, 2010. what provision of his release do you think he violated?