August 17, 2009

Contractor Begs For A Re-Vote

What we have have below is a copy of a letter sent to members of the Niagara County Legislature by a firm called Parise Mechanical. It seems that Parise is the firm that had won the bid to upgrade the HVAC system at the county-owned Shaw Building we have previously alluded to, and they're none too happy about the fact that the county decided not to move forward with the $300,000 in repairs to a building that the county has for sale.

In fact, Sam Parise, president of the company, wrote the letter requesting a re-vote take place. Why? Because, as taxpayers, they are "concerned that after the time and money spent by the County in designing drawings, specifications and advertising, the project is not going ahead". Awwww, how nice of them to be looking out for the taxpayers.

I've got news for you, Sam, I'm more concerned about the taxpayer than you are. How do I know this? Because I don't make my living sucking off of them, as you do.

I mean seriously, do you really think anyone is buying this line of bullshit?

You want the contract because you want to make money. That is nothing to be ashamed of, so why lie about it?

What will be extremely disconcerting is if the Legislature gives this request one iota of consideration. If they do, what message are they sending to the taxpayers - I'll cave in an instant at the first hint anyone questioning my decision?

Parise goes on to utilize some of the most twisted logic ever uttered in advocating for the re-vote by stating: "We have over 50% of our employees that currently reside in Niagara County who pay taxes and would like to see the Committee take care of the tax payer's hard earned money."

I'm sorry, what?

You want the Committee to take care of the tax payer's hard earned money by dumping it into a decrepit facility that just happens to be for sale?

Jesus, Sam, you seriously should put a PR person on staff before you put misguided statements out like that.

The legislature needs to stand their ground here. Anything else would be an affront to the taxpayers of this community. And something to remember come election day.

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Paladin said...

Looks like just another little piggy trying to stick his fingers in the taxpayers' pie.

And, if you google the firm's name, all that comes up is government contract after government contract in WNY.

So, I repeat myself: Looks like just another little piggy trying to stick his fingers (yet again!) into the taxpayers' pie.