July 6, 2009

Wojtaszek Would Make An Excellent State Chairman

We'd like to wish Niagara County GOP Chairman Henry Wojtaszek the best of luck in his pursuit of the New York State Republican Party Chairmanship. At this point, it appears as if it will be a two-horse race, with former gubernatorial candidate John Faso also seeking the top GOP position in the state. Of course, it's not clear if current chairman Joe Mondello will run again when his term expires in September.

Wojtaszek recently left his position with the law firm of Harris Beach to devote his time and energy to the effort.

In order to win the top spot, Wojtaszek will have to win over the majority of the 61 other county GOP chairmen & chairwoman. That will be no easy feat for someone from the most northwestern county in the state. But if it can be done, Wojtaszek can do it. Why? Because he wins races, and that's what matters. While most GOP parties in counties across the state are struggling with a two million voter-enrollment disadvantage, Wojtaszek has transformed the Niagara County GOP into one of the most successful county parties in the state.

Not only that, Wojtaszek has other qualities that the GOP needs at the top; he's an excellent communicator, he's able to lead without being authoritarian and yes, I'm not afraid to say it, he he the physical attributes to be the face of the party.

Once again, best of luck to Wojtaszek. We're looking forward to following this story closely for the next few months.


Dark Knight said...

Henry would be a great chairman, but irrespective of that, who the hell would take John Faso seriously?>

A loser candidate mutiple times at the state level, an ideological purist in a state where that doesn't fly and a epic failure as Republican Leader in the Assembly, losing dozens of seats in the safest Republican district --- yes, those are the qualities that the GOP cries for right now. NOT!!

Faso might be smart (I think he's overrated in that department as well) but he is a pathetic political thinker. John, your time has come and gone, please go away.

Paladin said...

DK, you're a bit too hard on Faso. He's been a good soldier for his team, and a solid Republican. Much of those things were the fault of eroding GOP support during the Pataki era and its aftermath.

None of which, of course, qualifies him to be chairman. Henry Wotaszek is a sharp and charming guy, with a record of successes. He's helped turn Niagara County into a GOP/Conservative stronghold. He's reputed to be a strong conservative himself, but not a puritanical ideologue--hence his ability to work with conservative Democrats, which, as we all know, drives the Rivera/DelMonte Democrats nuts.

All in all, we say good luck and Godspeed to Mr. Wojtaszek--not the least because having a real WNYer as state chairman of the GOP would benefit our region. But mostly, because he's a leader, and that's something the GOP DESPERATELY needs in this state right now.

Go Henry!

Dark Knight said...


You're wrong about Faso. This guy always thinks he's the smartest one on the room. Staffers hate him, earning him the well deserved nickname of Fas-hole.

He was more concerned about promoting his himself than the Republican conference which led to the wholesale loss of seats during his absymsal tenure heading the Assembly GOP.

His instincts are terrible. Had he run for comptroller in 2006 rather than his magic carpet ride for governor, he would have won that office when Hevesi got in trouble. But once again, he has no political instincts.

He will be the final nail in the coffine of the State GOP.

lido said...

I think you both make good points, but I'd have to side with DK. Faso represents the past of the party. Not that he can't bring substantive ideas for consideration, but if we're looking for someone to be the "face of the party", as Hobbes puts it, Wojtaszek brings the qualities of leadership and success to the table that we need looking FORWARD. That's the biggest problem with this party - we insist on bringing back retreads over and over again. Look at Tedisco and Murphy. Murphy is the type of candidate we need to be recruiting; young, energetic, attractive...Wojtaszek fits the same mold.

John Restaino said...

Wojtaszek should be National Chairman; because the clown they have now will be the end of the 2 party system.