July 14, 2009

Website Turns Up The Heat On Newlin

Back in October of 2008, we blogged about Lewiston Supervisor Fred Newlin voting himself a 37% pay increase smack dab in the middle of the worst economic crisis our country has seen in decades, adding "families in our community are struggling, as they are across the country. A quarter of a million homes were foreclosed on last month. Corporations are laying of thousands of employees every day. People are going without health insurance because they can't afford it. Hourly workers are going without raises. The state of New York is looking at a multi-billion deficit next year, which is sure to trickle down to the counties and towns across the state. Seniors are worried about how they're going to pay their heating bills this winter."

Somebody else noticed too.

We received an email yesterday regarding the launch of a new website that is designed to address that same pay raise issue, http://www.37percent.info/. Despite just a brief look at this site, it's obvious that someone put a significant amount of time and effort into gathering the information contained on the site and putting it up.

It contains links to pages such as Newlin’s Hand in the Cookie Jar - Pattern of Greed, Newlin’s Salary Increase, How Does Newlin’s Salary Increase Compare to Others?, Mazierski Challenges Newlin, July Ad in the Sentinel as well as others discussing the Tax Increase for Town of Lewiston and the Bad Power Authority Deal for Lewiston.

But the site most definitely focuses on the fact that Newlin voted himself a 37% pay increase. The website also notes that "even more shockingly, within the same budget, a long-time coordinator of children’s programs at the Lewiston Library was cut."

As Newlin faces a stiff challenge from Katherine Mazierski (who organized the protest and picket at a NCDC fundraiser last year), this website is sure to be the political talk of the town in Lewiston. Mazierski and her supporters are obviously willing to put some serious effort and resources into this campaign.

This will certainly be one of the more interesting and entertaining local races to watch for the next four months. Stay tuned!

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Barney said...

I think the information contained on the www.baddealforlewiston.com link is the most comprehensive list of reasons why the NYPA deal came up short for the community of Lewiston.

Obviously, there was a lot more money left on the table for the host community. These benefits were left unrealized because of Mr. Newlin's rush to get the deal hammered out before the 2007 election.

Niagara Falls got just as good as a deal and they only have a small patch of land occupied by the pumping station.

Newlin was lacking one of the most important elements to Negotiation– TIME. The rest of the collation was happy with their deals and Fred had an election coming up so he did what was good for him and not the citizens of Lewiston.

He short changed all of us.

The 2007 election was the reason why he signed the deal – his own attorney (email on the site) recommended that he not proceed.

If he would have waited a few months – he may or may not of won the election but the citizens of Lewiston would have gotten a much better deal for the next 50 years.

And now we are all learning the “rest of the story” – how NYPA had much more money on the table!

Case in point the 750 million dollars that was swept out by Del Monte and Thomson.

Fred’s Attorney knew this, we now know this. Mr. Newlin has single handedly cost our community the largest injustice. Thank god, the citizens of Lewiston are e starting to wake up to this fact.