July 9, 2009

Paterson Kicks Dirt in Our Face Again

Governor Paterson tried to portray himself as a bold leader yesterday when he appointed a Lieutenant Governor to help break the Senate stalemate. First let me get two things out of the way that aren't part of this post:

1) It's clearly illegal and Paterson should be impeached for shredding the New York State Constitution. This joke of a Governor is making a mockery of the Empire State.

2) This move won't end the Senate chaos, it will add to it.

OK, but that's not want I'm focused on today. Paterson again sends a signal that he doesn't care about Upstate representation in State Government by picking another member of the Manhattan elite for this position. Think of the people running the show in the state right now. Paterson (Harlem), Silver, (Lower East Side of Manhattan) DiNapoli (Nassau County), Malcolm Smith (Queens) John Sampson (Brooklyn) Andrew Cuomo (Queens). Heck, let's throw in Senate reform coalition members Dean Skelos (Nassau County) and Pedro Espada (Bronx.)

And into this mix, the ever-wise David Paterson thought that naming someone from Manhattan as L.G. was appropriate. This guy has no clue that there is a whole other world beyond the Tappan Zee Bridge.

There are plenty of qualified upstate Democrats, particularly in WNY, who could have filled this role. As a matter of fact, WNY's absence from any leadership role anywhere in government is reason enough to consider secession...and I'm being serious there.

Add to all of this that the accidental governor named a over-hyped, media seeking, political chameleon...Richie Kessel...to head the New York Power Authority rather than someone from this community that is directly impacted by NYPA and you can see Paterson could not care less about our community.

(Sidenote: Shouldn't there be a ban on adult man going by the name Richie. Don't you cross a timeline in your life when it should be Rich or Rick? But I digress.)

I have never been a big fan of the Cuomo clan, but I hope Attorney General Cuomo sticks to his guns that this is an illegal appointment and helps make this blow up on Paterson.


Dark Knight said...

We have truly become a third-world democracy with Paterson ignoring the constitution for no other reason than trying to improve his sagging poll numbers.

Worse Governor E-V-E-R!!

James T. Kirk said...

DK, I take issue with one word in your post: "democracy." We have an UNELECTED governor who is now trying to appoint an unelected lieutenant governor when the Constitution gives him no such authority, and the state's Attorney General - a member of his own party to boot - has told him the move is unconstitutional.

Paterson has ceased to be anything but a dictatorial figure, trying to restore his party's control of the Senate.

This should not be tolerated

James T. Kirk said...

Larry, are you off your meds? I honestly can't believe the taxpayers are forced to subsidize your salary.

Mr. Pink said...

What's particularly sad here is that neither side has any princiiple whatsoever. If you support the Republicans, this a fascist move by an unelected dictator. If you support the Dems, you cheer that Paterson is trying to break the Senate logjam in favor of your team.

I believe it's unconstitutional and would believe it to be unconstitutional regardless of what politiican tried to do this. You simply don't ignore the history of NYS to do as you see fit so solve a shortterm crisis. Two year from now, no one will remember the Senate deadlock but the lasting ramifications of ignoring the state's constitution will go on forever.

billsfan1 said...

Yo could have inserted "obama" anywhere Patterson's name was referenced in this post. "Shredding the Constitution", "senate chaos", Political cronies in key positions, no clue there is another world beyond his nose, states considering secession, "over hyped media seeking political chameleon" New York you are not alone!!

Carol said...

So sad!!! he is trying to improve just his sagging poll numbers..
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