July 2, 2009

Lewis Still Looking For A Way Out

I was flipping through the channels recently, when I came across a segment in which a self-defense instructor was teaching a student how to defend herself. The teacher was decked out in full-body protection so the student could really let loose while practicing her punches and kicks to key areas such as shins, knees, groin, stomach, ribs, solar plexus, chin, jaw, face, and temple. There certainly is value in knowing how to defend oneself in the event of an unwelcome confrontation.

This morning, I feel like that self-defense instructor who was getting punched in the stomach and kicked in the groin, except without the abundance of padding. Why? Because Greg Lewis is up to his old tricks again - he wants out, and he's actively seeking other opportunities while employed by the people of Niagara County.

In yet another exclusive to Niagara Times, we have learned that Lewis has applied for the position of Brevard County Manager in Florida. The search is being handled by this firm. As if this weren't problematic enough, Lewis is also seeking the opportunity to serve as the County Manager in Johnson County, Kansas. Why is it a problem? Because he is under contract to serve the residents of Niagara County. Why is it further problematic? Because his current contract doesn't expire any time soon. Granted, if it were close to the expiration of his current deal, and an extension wasn't on the table, he should seek other opportunities simply to provide himself and his family the security they need.

But he's not. He's serving under a relatively new deal and he, once again, is looking to abdicate his responsibilities to the people of this community.

People are always saying that government needs to be run like the private sector. Although we generally disagree with that premise because it's basically apples and oranges, this is absolutely the type of scenario which should be treated like the private sector. And that reality is this: This type of behavior would never be tolerated in the private sector. He'd be fired on the spot for actively seeking other employment.

Now, we've covered Lewis' desire to leave Niagara ad nauseum, including pieces here, here, here and my personal favorite, here.

But he is repeatedly allowed to kick the people of this community in the proverbial nuts, and no one says a damn thing about it! How the hell is that possible? Please, someone in the county legislature publicly question Lewis at the next meeting and get some straight answers from this guy. Does he want to work in Niagara County? If so, why is he actively seeking other employment? If not, get the hell out! How difficult is this? Allowing him to continue this behavior unquestioned is the same as condoning it.

Lewis is an opportunist. He's jumped from job to job, always looking for the next best thing. When he finds it, he's going to leave this county in a predicament. Address the problem now. If not, don't say you weren't warned. Don't say you were caught off guard. Don't say you didn't see it coming. Dump this guy....immediately.


Mr. Pink said...

Larry, I agree with your point except the voters rejected a county executive form of government in 2000, regretably. The County Manager was the next best thing to have someone responsible for the day to day operation of this county.

Perhaps it's time to put that back on the ballot. Regardless, Lewis has been an ineffective leader. At best, you can call him a medicore mid-manager who has been OK at keeping the trains running on time.

Hobbes is right...time to show him the door.

Mr. Pink said...

That would be about the best spin one could put on Lewis and maybe it's accurate. I always envisisoned the County Manager as a single voice for a county that has always been geographically divided by east and west. I thought he would be not only the head of operations, but also an advocate in Albany and Washington, telling our elected leaders what they needed to deliver to move the county forward. To my knowledge he has done little if any of that.

Paladin said...

OK Pink, that sounds good, but how can Lewis possibly be an advocate for us in Albany when he goes around telling everyone very proudly of how he snubbed Senator Maziarz his first month on the job?

A friend of mine who works in the county government said Lewis is quite proud that he never even once introduced himself to the Senator until they crossed paths at some event, and that when the finally did meet, he was quite rude to our elected representative. Tells anyone he meets about it as if it proves what a big boy he is.

Even if you disagree with Senator Maziarz, it seems a foolish strategy to cut off the lines of communication to the guy who has to fight for our interests in the political halls of Albany. Ya know?

Mr. Pink said...

Agreed. Whether it's Maziarz, Delmonte or Thompson doesn't matter...county government needs the support of state officials.

The fact that he isn't meeting quarterly with the Niagara County state delegation is just one more reason he should be fired.

Barney said...

Who cares about Lewis.

The Niagara GOP chair resigns and is making a bid for the State's chairmanship.

Now that's what I want to talk about.