July 31, 2009

Lewis Descends Into Self-Parody

The other day, a friend who works in county government called and asked me, “Hobbes, why did Greg Lewis have a statue of monkeys on his desk at last night’s meeting?”

Naturally, my first reaction was, “Huh?”

After a bit more prodding, and several hours of my life I’ll never get back spent watching Tuesday night’s meeting on LCTV, I was simply stunned by the display our illustrious county manager put on.

Turns out, my friend was right. Greg had the famous "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" monkeys sitting right in front of his seat at front of the Legislature’s chamber. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the statue was an “F.U.” aimed at either the Legislature or Senator George Maziarz, who was present at Tuesday’s meeting—a local leader for whom Lewis has never felt any need to hide his personal, Minnesotan contempt.

But it just got weirder and weirder. Lewis was also sporting his famous "I Love Niagara County" button—which, sources tell me, prompted one legislator to corner him after the meeting and ask, quite bluntly, “Greg, why is it that every time you go job-hunting, you pull that thing out of your sock drawer and start wearing it?”

Weirdest of all, though, was Lewis’s decision to bust out a canteen cup full of coffee, like the one seen here. Maybe it was his “subtle” way of reminding us he’s a veteran. Or maybe it’s that he’s just got a few screws loose. Or that he can’t take the sudden willingness of county legislators to question his wisdom?

Regardless, the whole thing was an embarrassment. We ourselves have long been mortified by Lewis’s unique, er, fashion sense. And yet, Tuesday was even more horrifying than normal. That’s because, and this is only a partial list mind you, the following people were present witnessing this spectacle:

1) The high muckety-muck of site-selection for Yahoo! You know, the guy who convinced his company to put a whole bunch of high-tech jobs, and hundreds of millions of dollars, into our fair county.
2) The grand poobah of the New York Power Authority, who was here to meet, face-to-face, the county leadership that put him and his Authority on the spot.
3) The big kahuna of the Buffalo Niagara Enterprise.
4) A state senator.
5) Two assemblywomen. Or, more accurately, an assemblywoman and an assemblyperson, as we hear Francine prefers to be called.
6) Entourages for all the people mentioned above.

Now, when they left Niagara County, I can assure you that Greg Lewis’s demeanor came up in conversation on the ride home. Word from one reliable source is that NYPA head honcho Richie Kessel even asked Lewis if he was feeling okay.

Lewis has slipped a gear. He’s no longer even behaving rationally, never mind respectfully. He’s, frankly, behaving like a rabid dog. It’s time for Bill Ross to take Lewis out behind the Courthouse and give him the Old Yeller treatment.

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