July 24, 2009

Lewis Countdown Clock

Niagara County Manager Greg Lewis has made no secret of his desire to leave our community. He can wear all of the "I Love Niagara" buttons all he wants, but no one's falling for this sham. Previous blog posts have covered his attempts to seek employment in several states.

So, we're going to help Greg along. Since he hates it here so much, we've decided to post a "Greg Lewis Countdown Clock" on the blog. Hopefully it will remind Lewis that he will not be stuck in what he obviously believes to be purgatory for too long.

If/when he should find other employment before his contract runs out next November, we say riddance and don't let the door hit you in the ass.

Like Viet Nam hero Ron Kovic said in "Born on the 4th of July", love it or leave it. That goes for you too, Greg. Love this community or get the hell out.

Happy Friday.


Dark Knight said...

Love the countdown clock. Now, everday I can get excited that we are inching ever so closer to the end of Greg Lewis' reign of incomptenence in Niagara County.

Let's hope the bozo finds a job somewhere else so we can move that date up.

Mr. Pink said...

Fire this buffoon now! Two legislators in Lockport come up with an idea so we don't have to spend $40 million on a public works building and the best Lewis can say is we'll see, should be an interesting debate?

Moron. It's gotten to the point that if it's not Greg's idea he doesn't like it. I'm tired of him.

Fire Him NOW

Paladin said...

Where the hell's the button to speed that thing up, Hobbes?