July 17, 2009

Friday Ruminations

For the last few years at the trade deadline, Sabres fans have clamored for a big trade to upgrade the team. Unfortunately, what we all fail to realize is that not many other teams are interested in what the Sabres have to offer. This often happens in sports and is the truest sign of how bad your team is – nobody else wants what you have. I thought of this when I read that Niagara County Manager Greg Lewis was once again rejected for another job in his unending desire to get out of our community. We want Lewis out because he is a fool…Lewis wants out because he knows his days are numbered….and yet he continues to be rejected by local governments across the land. A pretty telling sign about what people really think of the Greg Lewis record and resume.

Regular readers know that I am not a fan of Dennis Virtuoso. That’s why I would bet most of you think I am going to be critical of the fact that his wife Gina was appointed by Governor Paterson to the NCCC Board of Trustees. Well, you’re wrong. From everything we have been told, Gina is a smart lady, an independent thinker and an all around fine person. There is some concern that her appointment is being directed by the NCCC faculty union and if that is indeed the case and Gina does their bidding on the board, we’ll call her out for it. But given her resume, she deserves the benefit of the doubt and we hope she proves to be an effective leader at one of the few community institutions we have here in Niagara County.

The Niagara Falls Reporter has a blistering article on Francine DelMonte and her sponsorship of the state's weak civil confinement law which allows dangerous sexual predators to re-enter society rather than spending the rest of their lives in mental institutions. The law has allowed dozens of sexual deviants to live just steps away from a Niagara Falls school. Not only do you suck as a legislator, you've sponsored legislation that puts our children at risk. How the hell do you sleep at night?

As far as we can tell, GOP county legislators Keith McNall, Danny Sklarski, Rick Updegrove, John Syracuse, Mike Hill, Clyde Burmaster and Paul Wojtaszek, as well as Dems Renae Kimble, Kyle Andrews and Jason Cafarella, are all unopposed this election season. That's 10 of 19 with no contest. Sure makes one wonder if Albany's insanity is impacting the will and desire of locals to run for office. Looks like there will be more excitement in races at the town level than the county this year.

Senate Dems wasted no time is sticking their dirty little fingers in the pie that is New York State's member items. Even useless Bill Stachowski got $4 million to bring back to his district. I guess not getting the Finance Committee chairmanship after being promised it by your conference's leadership is a fair trade for four million bones. I wonder what you'd sell your soul for at heaven's gate.

Billionnaire Sabres owner Tom Golisano dumped $5 million into his Responsible New York PAC last year. It now has $49,000 in it. Makes you wonder if the fact that the state Board of Elections has referred three complaints against the PAC to the Albany County district attorney for criminal prosecution of possible election law violations has anything to do with it.

Lastly, what blog in the State of New York would be complete without video of idiot senator Kevin Parker pronouncing his expertise in government. Remember, this is the same guy who was made to look quite the fool at the hands of Senator Jim Wright a few years back, and the same Parker who recently labeled Governor David Paterson a "coke-snorting, staff-banging" governor.

Thanks to Liz Benjamin from the NY Daily News for the video footage.
Happy Friday!


John Restaino said...

Niagara Falls Reporter??? what???
Niagara who???

Mr. Pink said...

Hobbes, I like your sports analogy. Sometimes you need to sweeten the deal for the other side. So what if we offer Lewis and $50K to another county...would they take him then. It would still be a bargain for us.