July 7, 2009

Dyster Is A Disgrace

The Niagara Falls Reporter has it right this week as it slams do-nothing Mayor Paul Dyster for, well, doing nothing about the sex offender hotel that is right around the corner from Niagara Street Elementary School. This flop house for the absolute scum in our society is located within 1,500 feet of the school, a clear violation of county law.

The state is supposedly trying to do something to move them, but needs time. Screw that. Dyster said the problem is one of coordination. Screw that too. The problem is that dirtbags who should have been either locked up forever, fried in the chair or castrated because they like young children and are INCURABLE are now housed around the corner from a school.

If Dyster has 10 cents worth of leadership, he’d have the Niagara Falls Police Department arrest all these losers and throw them in jail until the state figured out where to house them. That would send a strong message that the Mayor cares about protecting the most innocent of Niagara Falls residents. Instead, egg-head Paul is concerned about coordination of agencies. Nice.

Say what you want about his ethics, but why do I somehow think that former Mayor Vince Anello would be leading the welcome wagon of residents with baseball bats and pitchforks to make the point that these losers are not welcome to live in our community near a school and maybe such a message would get the Albany bureaucrats moving a little faster.

And before I wrap up, let me slam Francine Delmonte and her Albany masters in the Assembly for not passing real legislation – rather than a watered-down civil confinement law – that would keep these sick individuals locked up forever. You’re always doing it for the children…for providing education to children, health care for children, social programs for children, can’t do enough for the children…..but lo and behold we should actually protect them from getting sexually attacked by sickos in the community. Shame on you.


Mr. Pink said...

Is it too much to ask that Dyster at least make some strong comments and demand some action? He seems to not want to offend any Democrats in higher office. He must be hoping that they'll support him with a job when he's kicked to the curb next election season.

James T. Kirk said...

Hold on, Larry. If you read the excellent article on the Wilson case in the Buffalo News, it's clear that the "victim" was victim of little more than conventional hazing. The notion that he was sexually violated (cell phones up the ass and such) looks like it was little more than a verbal "threat" not acted on, while his pants stayed up.

Placing the Wilson coaches, who are guilty of little more than not paying attention to some old-fashioned team hazing happening in the back of a bus, into the same category as predators who touch 8-year-old boys or have sex with their own granddaughters is neither fair nor accurate.

That kind of moral equivocation is how we find ourselves with messes like this in the first place. We're afraid to call evil evil, and are all too willing to say that other people's minor failings make them no better than real deviants.

Mr. Pink said...

Funny thing about comparing the cases. There were some who were ready to lynch the Wilson baseball coaches before all the facts were known. State trooopers were involved early on...quite the circus.

In NF, we can't get the Mayor to take a stand and make some public comments that at least show we understands the concerns of those with children in the area.

Dark Knight said...


You've always been big on communities coming together and solving their own problems. How about we take a lynch mob down to the flop house and clean this up ourselves?

Can't let Dyster get his hands dirty actually doing some real work...he's got to find some fancy art to place in the middle of traffic circles.

Paladin said...

Um, Larry, what "experience" do you have with sexual abuse at the hands of a coach? Just asking you to clarify that statement for us all.

Dark Knight said...

Larry, a lynch mob is the ultimate form of citizenry coming together to clean up a mess that the government can't/won't handle....and I was kidding, Larry. Laugh a little.