July 20, 2009

Dynamic Duo

I must admit, I don't know alot about Darwin Martin. I also admittedly don't know anything about a person by the name of Robert Kresse. I have heard of Frank Lloyd Wright, and I most definitely have heard of Bill Stachowski and Antoine Thompson.

How are these five connected? Through your tax dollars. From what I gather, there is a house called the Darwin Martin House, which was designed by Wright. Kresse is the Martin House chairman. Stachowski and Thompson are funneling millions of our tax dollars into this house. Now, in defense of the house, Kresse calls it "probably one of the most exciting examples of contemporary architecture in the country, not to mention the world.” Well la-dee-freakin-da. It's still my tax dollars being wasted on your little pet project during the worst economy in generations.

Here's the problem. Under the Democrats control of the most dysfunctional period in the history of the New York State Senate (that's truly saying something), with useless Stachowski and Thompson allegedly representing WNY in the Senate, this clown Kresse is calling these two the "Dynamic Duo". Yep, Kresse is so impressed with Stachowski and Thompson that he compared them to Batman & Robin. Why is he impressed? Because Stachowski and Thompson gave him $3 million of your tax dollars to work on this little project, with a strong insinuation of more money to come.

I'm going to assume that Kresse doesn't follow state government. If he did, he wouldn't make such a moronic statement. I'm also going to assume that Kresse doesn't watch the news. Ever. Because if he did, he'd know that heaping such praise on these two just looks dumb. It makes him look dumb, it makes the two look dumb, it makes the project look dumb and it even makes Wright look dumb - even though he's dead.

In case Kresse hadn't seen it, let me share with him this Editorial from the July 16 edition of the New York Daily News entitled Liars and bullies: State Senate Democrats become ever more disgraceful:

Ah, for the good old days when no one was in charge of New York's Senate. Back then, its 62 members hurt the state only by doing nothing.

Now, power-mad with renewed control, Democratic leaders are actively and wantonly running their house like something out of a banana republic - holding the people's business hostage, playing everything for revenge against political enemies, breaking every promise of reform and proving that, individually and collectively, their word is dirt.

Yesterday was the day when the Senate Democrats were scheduled to come into session - led by President Malcolm Smith, Conference Leader John Sampson and Majority Leader Pedro Espada - to take up critical languishing measures.

Top on the agenda was extending mayoral control of city public schools. There was supposed to be a vote on legislation that mirrors a measure passed by the Assembly and has widespread bipartisan support.

Put it on the floor, as Sampson and Smith committed to do in writing, and it would pass. But Sampson and a handful of others wanted penny-ante additions. So the bosses delayed coming into session and two of their number, Brooklyn's Carl Kruger and Ruben Diaz of the Bronx, announced they were going home.

This is government by extortion. And every member of the Democratic majority is complicit.

These include supposedly enlightened senators such as Tom Duane. Daniel Squadron, Jeff Klein, Liz Krueger and Eric Schneiderman, who have timidly given their proxies to the bully boys.
With their tacit support, for example, Sampson and Smith have elevated an accused domestic abuser to a highly paid committee chairmanship under circumstances demanding a full-blown criminal investigation.

Top to bottom, they are a disgrace.

So please - if you get a big, fat check from these two, just quietly go about your business - the hyperbole is just so sickening. And labeling them the "Dynamic Duo" is just plain embarrassing.


Paladin said...

Dynamic Duo? Does that mean Thompson is going to start wearing a cape and tights?

Pirate's Code said...

Umm, Hobbes...According to the Buffalo News, it was Malcolm Smith that dubbed them the Dynamic Duo, not Bob Kresse.

And, the Darwin Martin House restoration is far from someone's "little pet project." It's a $50 million-and-growing project that has raised most of that sum outside of government.

Your points about the quality of representation and perhaps even the efficacy of government support of such projects (a/k/a -- pork, member items)stand, but the target of your ire was misplaced.

If the Buff News is correct, you owe Kresse an apology, I think.

crusher said...

One year away from a Republican majority and we can begin to feign outrage over pork. All government spending is now open to question...

Lets look back to some of the follies foisted upon us by our current Senator...anyone remember that ferry-boat from Rochester to Toronto that the state put millions into. That ran for three, maybe four, months.

Oh yes, and the big ethanol plant in Medina that can produce a gallon of ethanol to help us remain energy independent. Problem is that we use more energy manufacturing the fuel than we obtain (per gallon). The place will only continue to operate as long as NY state provides further subsidies. That was certainly one of the Senator's proudest moments.

And lets not forget the need to provide much more parking for all the tourists that will be flocking to Lockport's Flight of Five. I keep hearing about 450,000 per year. Figuring that the canal has water in it for about eight months per year we should be pannig for about 56,000 tourists per month--or 1,850 per day. How will we feed them? And who has been doing all the consulting/engineering for the cost effective project--don't be surprised when I tell you it is relaiable Republican donor Wendel Corp...interesting!

I do question the value that will be gained for NY taxpayers from $3M being spent on the Darwin Martin house, but I have a few more of the Senator's biggest follies I'll hold back on right now...

Ye among you who have no sin let him cast the first stone...

Paladin said...

Which one's Robin?

Hobbes said...

Thank you to Pirate's Code for identifying the misinterpretation on the part of Niagara Times. He is correct, the quote is indeed attributed to Smith.

lido said...

Pirate's Code may be correct about one minute aspect of the post, but he completely misses the overall objective.

While these clowns are going around handing out taxpayers dollars, our state is languishing in a multitude of crises.

PC also misses the entire Daily News editorial, which is dead on.

So we can nitpik about making sure quotes are attibuted to the right people all night long - obviously that's wht's important to some.

I think that's the same as - how's it go - fiddling while Rome burns.

Mr. Pink said...

Hobbes is somewhat of a journalist, so it is not nitpicking to expect him to attribute a quote correctly.

There might be lot to critcize the dynamic duo over...scratch that, there is a TON to criticize them over...however funding for the Darwin Martin House isn't it.

Hobbes, you're "I don't know nuttin bout no fancy Martin House" populist schtick is making you look more like a buffoon than a man of the people.

But don't feel bad, we all swing and miss sometimes.

Pirate's Code said...

lido --

Did you not read the third paragraph of my post? I can forgive Hobbes for what was obviously an error, but I suspect you're just being willfully ignorant.

Accuracy is important, especially when taking someone to task for something they didn't do. Getting the details right is what gives a writer credibility. Without accuracy & credibility, it is just so easy to dismiss everything else that is written.