July 27, 2009

Demler Releases Personnel Records To The Media

From the rhetoric coming out of Wheatfield, it's going to be an interesting primary season. Incumbent Tim Demler is accusing challenger Bob Cliffe, formerly the town's justice, of improperly applying for benefits from the state.

Cliffe states that he applied for benefits from the state when his employer went to a four day work week under the state's Work Share program. According to the state's DOL website, "Shared Work is a voluntary program that provides employers facing a temporary decline in business with an alternative to layoffs. Rather than laying off a percentage of the work force to cut costs, an employer can reduce the hours and wages of all or a particular group of employees. The employees whose hours and wages are reduced can receive partial unemployment insurance benefits to supplement their lost wages."

Cliffe states that although he is eligible for the benefits, he has in fact chosen not to accept them. Based on Niagara Gazette reporter Mark Scheer's column on the issue, Cliffe has been completely forthcoming on the circumstances under which he became eligible for the compensation.

Demler, on the other hand, seems to be pulling a "pot calling the kettle black" routine. It seems Demler has not quite been as transparent as the state would like him to be, nor as transparent as he is asking Cliffe to be.

In the below letter received by Niagara Times, a communication sent to Demler from the New York State Office of the Comptroller states: "Dear Mr. Demler, despite previous correspondence with your office, your annual report for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2008 remains delinquent".

So why is Demler delinquent in his filing of the state-mandated town financial statements? We'd like to give Demler the benefit of the doubt and not play conspiracy theorist. But that's not realistic. More likely is that Demler is intentionally delaying the filing because he's hiding something. And he knows that, since he is facing a significant challenge from Cliffe, and that the report contains information that would be detrimental to Demler's campaign, it is easier to get such letters from the Comptroller than to actually face the music of what is contained in the filings.

The way Demler is coming out of the box in this campaign is highly questionable. He is slinging mud at someone we've heard is one of the most honorable and principled men you will meet. Someone who we've been told won't stoop to Demler's level is mud-slinging.

So we'll do it for him.

Demler has been in office way too long to be campaigning on anything but his record. For him to be taking this approach shows a complete lack of character.

People lose their jobs. Sometimes their hours get cut. To try to take advantage of someone's economic hardship for personal political gain is unconscionable.

Even worse, Cliffe has been forced to answer questions in the media about this issue. Why is that? Because Tim Demler has taken private Town of Wheatfield personnel records and released them to the media. Every employee in the town should be VERY concerned about this situation.

If Demler has the ability and the willingness to release personnel records so easily, what's to stop him from doing the same thing against any other employee whenever he believes he's justified?


Paladin said...

Well, then, for her sake, let's hope things don't go south between Timmy and his paramour. Doesn't she work for the Town?

Dark Knight said...

Napolean Demler out to have his cake and eat it too. Re-elect me and let me continue to have my town hall piece of ass.

Tim, you're immoral for screwing another man's wife, you're a scumbag for screwing a suboridnate in town hall and you're deceitful for trying to tarnish Cliffe's name with nonsense issues.

What's worse, you've wasted countless hours in pursuit of the ridiculous Wizard of Oz nonsense. You are indeed the man behind curtain.

tomslick said...

First, Cliff's campaign was born in rumor and allegation, whipsers and lies. How does that show character?
Second, Hobbes you miss the point here. If Cliff and his private employer want to take adavantage of DOL program to preserve job, great. NY is so hostile to business that this program is at least something. Cliff should take the money and not be ashamed.
But, Cliff was a town justice and the filing came to the town with an assessment due for his town service. NOT the shared labor,but for being a justice.
That's right. A actual dollar amount that the town would have to pay for his service as a judge. A job that he quit.
And, with elective and judicial service not eligble for unemployment, the question is did Cliff, the good guy that you say he his, file a fraudlent claim? And if so Hobbes, are you and your bosses saying that umemployment fraud is OK?
Demler, whether you like him or not, was not the guy who came out swinging here. It was the would-be party bosses who said that they had to kill Demler quick, if you actually read the papers, you'd see that Cliff's gang has led the smear campaign right from it fraud-based start.

Barney said...

GOP eating itself in Wheatfield. You heard it first hear, the DEMS will win big.

lido said...

Tom, you miss the point here. Tim Demler took confidential personnel files and gave them to the press. It shows a complete lack of professionalism on his part. Every employee should be very, very concerned that this action is tolerated.

Niagara Prognosticator said...

Since when are public officials' payroll records confidential?

Cliffe put his record at issue by making a claim for unemployment benefits. Now he says that he won't take the money?

Unemployment proceedings are administrative proceedings that are open to public scrutiny (Ask Danny Sklarski).

Ask former court clerk Sally Archer how ethical Cliffe was when she sued Wheatfield for firing her for political purposes.

She won a still secret settlement. http://www.courts.state.ny.us/ad4/Court/Decisions/2002/12-30-02/PDF/1550.pdf

I'll be surprised if the Dems don't FOIL that agreement during the campaign.

It's kinda funny, in a sad laugh kind of way, that the same people who put Demler in office and enabled his brand of abuse of power now complain that Demler abuses his power.

BTW, if the rumors over the years have any truth, the affair Demler that may be involved in is not the first time he's parlayed his office into this type of "perc in office."

Hopefully whoever the Dems put up to run (do they even have a candidate?) will bring some accountability to Wheatfield for the sake of it's citizens.