June 30, 2009

Stachowski's Shameless Rhetoric

The following is a letter that appeared in the "Everybody's Column" of the Buffalo News opinion section on June 26. It was written by a gentleman by the name of Vincent Blasio of Lake View:

Last week the 58th Senate District received a mailing from Sen. Bill Stachowski. In this mailing, it lists why Stachowski so proudly voted yes for what he calls a “balanced, responsible budget.” Now we know that this is the furthest thing from the truth.

The truth about this year’s budget is that it was done by downstate leaders at the expense of upstate residents and done behind closed doors with little transparency. Stachowski didn’t even stand up for himself, let alone stand up for his constituents, during this budget. To send out a mailing paid for by the taxpayers at a time when the Senate can’t and won’t even meet is just appalling and an insult.

I would ask that the senator please save the rhetoric for campaign time and save the taxpayers the expense in these mailings. With this in mind, I have decided to petition and become a candidate for the New York Senate 58th District. We cannot afford to keep business as usual!

Given that I wouldn't trade Stachowski for a bag of pucks if he were a hockey player, I had to get my hands on this piece of literature. It appears below:

It really is amazing that Stachowski has the audacity to put out a piece of literature that is so full of blatant lies. I mean, come on...."Senator Stachowski and his colleagues were able to pass a balanced, responsible budget that will serve the best interests of Western New Yorkers and their families while putting the state back on the right track"? Really, Bill? You think that we're on the right track now? By "best interests of WNY families", do you mean that they'll be able to garner boatloads of frequent flier miles because we'll have to fly to visit our children who will be living somewhere else since they can't find a job here?

By "responsible", do you mean a budget that raises taxes and fees by $9 BILLION smack dab in the middle of the largest fiscal crisis in generations?

I agree with Vince - keep your damn pie hole shut, save the political rhetoric for those who are stupid enough to believe that bullshit you're spewing and get your sorry ass back to Albany so you can continue to be the same ineffective legislator you've been for 27 years.

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