June 29, 2009

"Referendum on the Separation of New York" ipetition

We came across an interesting ipetition entitled " Referendum on the Separation of New York" recently.

The petition sponsors state that the petition "has been initiated by a group of citizens who are very concerned with the current direction of the state. We represent all walks of life, and believe that extreme measures must be undertaken to ensure the survival of Upstate New York.

We believe that the people of this state have earned the right to have our voice heard, and implore upon all elected officials from across the state to support this legislation to put the separation of the State of New York to a referendum."

Since we've been highly vocal on the upstate/downstate disconnect, we're going to go ahead and sign the petition. We'd like to encourage our readers to do the same. Please feel free to pass along the ipetition to anyone you believe would support sending this issue to a referendum.

The ipetition can be found by clicking here.

By the way, your email address is not displayed when you sign the petition. After you click "Sign the Petition", ipetitions will ask you for a contribution. Just hit "Next", then "Cancel and return to ipetitions". You do NOT need to make a contribution to sign the petition.

1 comment:

DaveD said...

They don't seem to care if you actual live in New York state. No address check...