June 5, 2009

Friday Ruminations

Do we have another "f-ing steamroller" in our midst? Governor David Paterson's secretary, Lawrence Schwartz, has labeled himself "the enforcer". You work for an unelected governor who happens to be the lowest rated governor in the state's history. Save the pro wrestling nicknames for the ring.

It's funny that the day after Schwartz announces what a tough guy he is going to be, Paterson is announcing today that he is caving into the unions he had previously talked so tough about dealing with.

The Niagara Falls Water Authority will receive an $11 million grant from federal stimulus funds to clean out a sewer tunnel along the Niagara River Gorge. This is designed to stimulate what, more people taking a dump?

New York Power Authority President and CEO Richie Kessel thinks that the lawsuit over the sweep is more about politics than reality. NYPA bylaws state that they can only charge what they pay for electricity. I'm no math wiz, but if they can only charge what they pay, how do they accumulate a surplus that exceeds $550 million? Well, we're going to find out. I cannot wait until NYPA has to open their books in a court of law.

Word around town is that the allegations surrounding Wheatfield Supervisor Tim Demler are going to get even more inflammatory. Surveillance pictures and a video are said to exist. I'm not sure being a supervisor in a rural town in the middle of nowhere is worth that humiliation.

Lastly, it's concert season time here in Niagara County. The Labatt Blue Light Concert Series at Gateway Harbor Park in North Tonawanda will feature: June 20 -- Firefall • June 27 -- Gator Country• July 4 -- Salute to America with Terry Buchwald • July 11 -- Badfinger• Aug. 1 -- Marshall Tucker Band• Aug. 8 -- Pat Travers• Aug. 29 -- Poco.

The Lockport Molson Canal Concert Series will feature: June 26 - Rusted Root; July 3 - Our Lady Peace; July 10 - The Cult; July 17 - Kim Mitchell; July 24 - Lita Ford; July 31 - Queensryche; Aug. 7 - Eddie Money; Aug. 14 - Charlie Daniels; Aug. 21 - Randy Bachman.

The lineup for Artpark's excellent outdoor concert series can be found here.

Have a safe & happy weekend.

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