June 4, 2009

DelMonte Fails To Deliver - Again

Is Francine DelMonte completely worthless?

We don’t mean that as a rhetorical aside. We’re completely serious. We know that previously we put a shot across Francine’s bow over her treatment of Niagara County’s taxpayers in her little power-play involving the Seneca Niagara Casino. (Incidentally, we don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but how is it that all the mainstream media around here can write stories about her money-grab without reminding us who the Senecas’ favorite lawyer is?

But back to our main point. Other than securing a whopping $900,000 or so to fix Niagara Falls’s bombed-out, devastated excuses for streets (and mind you, she didn’t secure even that paltry sum from New York state—she stole it from other Niagara County residents), we suddenly realized she hasn’t done that much for her beloved Niagara Falls, even. We accept that she has brazenly screwed everyone in Wheatfield except Tim Demler, and everyone who lives in all the other towns in her district. (If you live in the Town of Niagara, the Town of Lewiston, the Town of Porter, the Town of Wilson, the Town of Cambria, the Town of Newfane, or the Town of Hartland, we’re talking about you.) But it suddenly occurred to us that she hasn’t actually accomplished anything of note for the Falls, either.

Perhaps we make this post this morning because we made the mistake, yet again, of watching LCTV’s coverage of the Niagara County Legislature. At the meeting, we saw a woman who heads a state-funded program essentially beg the county to pony up some funds for people who live in the worst neighborhoods in Niagara Falls, so that something called “Healthy Neighborhoods” can give free smoke detectors to people living in the firetraps that pass for homes in Paul Dyster’s dystopia.

Now, we’re not about to debate the merits of this program. We, obviously, see both good and bad in it as a concept. But what struck us was the lead paragraph in Niagara Gazette reporter Mark Scheer’s copy from earlier this week: “State budget cuts are putting a dent in a program aimed at helping residents in Niagara Falls and other parts of the county guard against fire. Theresa McCabe, public health educator for the county health department’s Healthy Neighborhood program, told members of the Legislature on Tuesday her office could use their help in maintaining services that are at risk due to cuts in state spending.”

Did you get that? Francine can’t even protect a state giveaway in her own district—her own city! According to Scheer’s article, the state cut Healthy Neighborhoods’ budget by around $10,000. Amazing, isn’t it? Francine can’t even preserve a measly $10K for a program that benefits her own core constituents.

It’s almost as if she takes them for granted.

Of course, we genuinely started to feel sorry for Ms. McCabe as she pitched her program. At one point, Niagara Falls Legislator Jason Murgia even had to pimp the program to any civic groups watching and willing to write a check.

You’d think that a supposedly powerful and influential Albany Democrat like Francine could get them a simple member item.

How pathetic. And yet, they keep voting for her.


Barney said...

“How pathetic. And yet, they keep voting for her” - I was with you until then.

HOBBS, have you ever asked yourself when was the last time that the GOP offered an viable candidate to oppose her?

Paul Bank two runs where a joke – Delmonte easily out classed her and spent almost nothing to boot.

Dan Bazzani, “The coach” was a popularity contest that went bad. I like the coach; he was successful in the gym. But how does that translate to governing? Sure he was beloved in Niagara Falls, maybe even in the African-American community. But he was no Jack Kemp.

Daly was a one term dud – I was surprised he managed to win the first time. And that had more to do with his dad than anything else.

That only leaves the 2003 run of Wheatfield Supervisor Tim Demler run. He lost by 1:2 as well.

So I guess the first Daly was the GOP's last stud.

So wake me up when the GOP decides to find and properly supported a viable candidate, until then I find it hard to criticize anyone for voting for Delmonte

Niagara Prognosticator said...

Nice try to generate an issue, but if THIS is what the next campaign is about, Ms. DelMonte once again wins in a landslide.

First, most thinking people who live in Niagara County realize all too well that as goes Niagara Falls, so goes the county. Giving money to Niagara Falls for real improvement projects from a fund made up of casino revenues that has proved to be little more than a political "member item slush fund" doled out to limited constituencies will not carry the day.

Second, what folks who a Lockport-centric point of view might fail to realize is that many of the communities you are calling to arms owe their growth over the last 25 years to the migration of folks from Niagara Falls. Roots and sentiments still run deep in these nouveau-Townies and most still hold out hope for their former hometown.

So at best, the play for the County's casino cash is a political wash for any potential opponent.

Third, you fail, and her former opponents have failed, to offer a clear option for change. DelMonte has co-opted much of the conservative-Republican social agenda. She has consistently voted pro-gun on issues and sportsmen issues. She has a decidedly Catholic point of view on the life issue, albeit in a very quiet way. And she has been a great champion of agriculture. Her cheerleading and funding for the niagara Wine Trail is just the most visible aspect of this support for the still substantially influential population of Niagara County farmers.

Fourth, DelMonte, in some ways, is as an effective person to person and 365 day campaigner as is Senator Maziarz. She gets out often to meet her constituents, she shakes hands, hugs many and remembers voters, their children and their relatives by name. Not to mention that her local office is very responsive to constituent services, something that hardly ever makes the newspapers.

As is the case with the Senator, for most people who meet her, the invective and shrill political attacks do not comport with their personal experience with the Assemblywoman.

Finally, DelMonte's political opponents fail to anticipate the strength, fortitude and toughness that she brings to the table, especially when she feels threatened.

So prattle on Hobbes and friends. I'm sure the DelMonte camp will thank you. Your negativity will continue to obscure your vision and game plan. And your candidate will once again earn the title of "sacrificial lamb."

Paladin said...


Thus spake the DelMonte staffer!

Niagara Prognosticator said...

Friend and supporter?
So Wrong

Paladin said...

Okay, NP, so we've established that, at a minimum, you're an extremely poor judge of character.

We've also established that you think that rat-infested shithole of a city should have more say than the people in this county who pay all the taxes that support the welfare and social programs in Niagara Falls.

Frankly, your spewing of pro-Francine propaganda doesn't do much to sway me. You're about as credible as Dan "They're Facial Warts, Not Genital Warts" Rivera.

Good job!

Niagara Prognosticator said...

When you have no argument, attack the messenger, eh, Pee?.

Which sorta proves one of my main points, Francine's opposition is so blinded by negativity, that her defeat at the polls is highly unlikely.

Pro-Francine propaganda? No, more like factual observations which tend to establish points in favor of the Assemblywoman. Reasoned argument.

What I don't see in your, or anyone else's, reply, is a factual refutation of my points. Or alternative views of those observations.

I guess you never got off the bench on the high school debate team. Perhaps you never have realized why they only let you tote the water bucket. Sad.

Keep it up!

Us sycophants appreciate it very much!