June 2, 2009

D.D.T - Still Toxic

Talk about a dog and pony show. Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster, Assemblywoman Francine DelMonte and Senator Antoine Thompson held a press conference last week to show all the world their justification for stealing the share of the casino revenue that had belonged to all of the cities and towns of this county and diverting it all back to Niagara Falls.

That justification? The roads in Niagara Falls need paving. That's fantastic, Fran. Make sure you use that rationale when you're traveling through the towns of Lewiston, Porter, Cambria, Niagara, Wheatfield, Wilson, Newfane, and Hartland when your sorry ass is up for re-election next year. Make sure you tell them that they don't mean as much to you as Niagara Falls does.

You can lie and say there's some other justification for what you've done, but we know the truth, don't we Fran; you're pissed off at the Niagara County Legislature for calling you out on the plethora of spineless decisions you've made this year, and you don't like it. You'll show them, Franny, won't you?

It's interesting that this trio is holding a press conference to announce that this roughly $1 million is going to cure all that ails the streets of Niagara Falls, especially when the city has remained a shithole even after receiving the $50 million that was dumped into it, but now that you've taken the $1 million from the county residents, everything is going to be great? Do you think we're that stupid?

I hope...no, I pray...that this thing goes to court and a judge awards the county a 50% share of the casino revenue, as opposed to the 2% it was getting before. You three are going to have so much egg on your face, you'll just need a little flour to make a nice big cake. And I'm going to be there to turn on the oven.


Paladin said...

Calling the City of Niagara Falls a "shithole" is far too kind, Hobbes. Accurate, I suppose, but a little too high-brow. I can think of many far less flattering descriptions of the place--and far more accurate.

Can't we just pop the festering boil that is Niagara Falls from the face of Niagara County?

John Restaino said...

The capital is Lockport!! Now there is a city, town or whatever it is that has something going for itself. Can't wait to see those locks!!!