June 10, 2009

The Coup

There are so many angles to what went down in Albany this week, there is no way we could cover them all.

Should you like to get a perspective from outside of the local media coverage, you can find some articles related to the state Senate coup here, here, here and here.

It has been no secret that we have vehemently opposed one political party controlling the Senate, Assembly and Governor's seat. The last five+ months reinforce that concern. Former Majority Leader Malcolm Smith has been a complete disaster for the Senate, Governor David Paterson has been worse, and Shelly Silver, well, Shelly is a disaster every day.

Even if the personalities were different, one party controlling all three levels was and would have continued to be a nightmare for Upstate and Western New York. From the sweep of the NYPA funds to the IDA legislation that would have crippled employers, we would have gotten screwed over and over again. The thought of Antoine Thompson in a position of power was just downright frightening.

With the coup, Upstate and Western New York once again have some level of representation. Niagara's own state Senator, George Maziarz, was said to have played an integral role in the change in power. This is a good thing for our region. Having non-NYC-centric Senators like Maziarz, Tom Libous from Binghamton and George Winner from Elmira in positions of power will only help this region get its fair share of representation.

Great job, gentlemen. Our faith in the democratic process has been restored. Don't let us down.


John Restaino said...

Whine?? The last couple posts have been nothing but crying about what "Big Bad" Riveria has been doing to the poor GOP. Anything Golisano has to do with or is happy with only benefits him. He is his own PAC. He is corruption with a capital "C". Special interests need to be gotten rid of, and he is the biggest one.

Barney said...

Note to self:

(1) start packing up office
(2) Update resume on Monster

- Baby Joe -

Barney said...


So you really believe that Golisano is just a "rich man's" Riveria. Give me a break.

I can't wait to see how you "change you tune" when your bother runs for office.

Mr. Pink said...

Just someone explain to me how people who are duly elected and follow the rules of the Senate to pick a new leader have turned NY into a banana Republic?

Did they attack the chamber with guns? Did they takeover the media?

Good grief, the hyperbole from some on this is insane.

As I have been saying, we could use a little chaos in the NYS Legislature as opposed to the robotic zombies in the Assembly who blindly follow their leader. How has that worked out for us?

John Restaino said...

My brother runs for office???
Which brother and what office???

Do you just make this stuff up?? and if you do why???

Barney said...


How do any of the reforms that were passed on Monday benefit Golisano bottom line?

These changes alone will guarantee that their will be no more Joe Brunos.

I would have gone on step further and suggest that the Vice President Pro Tempore and Majority Leader be from regions of the state (upstate / Down state).

The new collation government is even bringing the Gay Marriage bill to a vote – up or down.

How long would this issue have dragged on under Smith’s vote counting methodology. It’s Ironic that the votes he should have been counting cost him his job – this is the democratic process.

Bottom Line: collation Govt + GOP Lessons Learned = Good Government for NY

Paladin said...

You have to love the local Collaborators. This has never been about Republican vs. Democrat. It's always been an Upstate-Downstate thing. And, unfortunately, the Democrat Party in this state is a Downstate-centric party that barely even gave us table scraps. There were what, four or five Upstate Dems total? We got crapped on for the past six months.

The Coalition actually has membership from every corner of the state.

Anyone on here bemoaning the fall of Malcolm Smith and the Downstate Dems is guilty of collaborating with people who cared not one lick about our region.

Maybe if they miss NYC control of our lives so much, they should move there...

rob clark said...

I have to agree with the "UPSTATE VS DOWNSTATE" idea. But Golisano shouldn't be able to change government like that anytime he wants to. Its like he was tired of his old toy so he went out and bought a new one. Thats not reform. Reform takes more than 6months .