June 11, 2009

The Coup II

I must say, I'm a little confused. The people of this state have duly elected 62 state senators to represent us in Albany. The last time I checked, each of them has the right to vote any way they see fit on an issue, hopefully in the best interests of those people that elected them. So, when they walked into the senate chambers on Monday, and voted for the person they believed would be best suited to lead the senate, who'd have imagined the chaos that ensued.

The prior leadership refused to acknowledge the vote, turned off the Internet feed, called for an adjournment to the meeting, shut off the lights and left the chambers.

Last I checked, this country is still a democracy. Elected officials have the right to vote how they choose. For the Democratic former leadership to have acted the way that they did is unconscionable. Nobody anointed you the leaders of the senate, you were elected, then you were unelected.

Meanwhile, with two weeks left in the session, nothing is getting done in Albany because the Dems refuse to open the chambers. How asinine and immature. It is exactly this type of (lack of) leadership that helped two Dems make the decision to oust Malcolm Smith.

A word of advice to the Dems: Sack up, take your medicine like men and get back to conducting the business of the state.


James T. Kirk said...

No matter what tortured logic the Democrat-controlled courts come up with, the legitimate Senate Majority, with its 32 Coalition members, should meet today. In the park, if need be.

The pretend "majority" of 30 or fewer around Malcolm Smith cannot hold a session without a quorum present.

The legitimate Majority can.

Paladin said...

Wow. Joe and the rest of the Francine staffers sure are bitter.

And it's laughable for Joe and his buddies to insinuate anyone is passing ridiculous taxes on the Coalition's side of the aisle.

As we said before, Joe, would you like a little cheese with that whine?

Barney said...


I do understand where you are coming from - however, I'd don't recall you complaining when Tom Golisano was putting money behind the Democrats.

Responsible NY has a long commitment questioner and I’m sure any candidate needed to promise to reform NY Government. Go to their web site before you pass judgment.

After the election none of this happen – in fact they did just the opposite - Something had to be done.

I’m looking forward to the day when Responsible NY releases more information – I like to learn about which elected officials are reneging on their promises

Paladin said...

Joe, I'm quite aware of who my senators are. DelMonte is not now in the Senate, nor will she ever be (thanks be to God).

However, she has been an insufferable bitch to everyone since her side briefly came to seize power in all parts of state government. And no one could have been more devastated than that vile bitch by her sudden loss of influence.

Incidentally, Joe, we notice you didn't deny you were one of Francince's staffers.

Paladin said...

Oh--and Joe, since you enjoy quibbling so much, your statement "at least know who your senators are" doesn't really apply in the state senate. There, we only get one senator.

I know that, given the lock-step voting of the Minority Democratic Caucus in the Senate, you kinda think of them as a package deal, but you still only get one.

Barney said...

SO I see, you still have not learned how to be nice.

Your last comment are a insult to everyone that post here.