June 17, 2009

Another Perspective

Senate Dems Use Dirty Tricks/ACORN Thugs To Halt NYS Government - from Monroe Rising

The senate democrats’ actions speak for themselves. After the newly formed bipartisan coalition state senate passed historic reforms never before seen in New York’s history, Malcolm Smith immediately sprang into action in an effort to unravel the coalition and re-secure absolute power for himself and his members.

First up on the Senate Dems “block reform” agenda, have your top government hack shut off the lights in the chambers and kill the live public video feed to prevent access by the public and the press. This also helps stop the new group from holding the meeting.

Next, send your taxpayer-funded attorneys out judge-shopping to get injunctions filed in order to stall the process so you can create a game plan.

Then, start running robo calls attacking your two members for joining the bipartisan reform coalition. Use/leak information on them you previously kept under wraps when they were on your side.

Reach out to Al Sharpton and have him call in the troops. Get them to protest at the homes of the two Democrat Senators and maybe even have them break into one of the homes for a little added scare.

Have your government staffers reach out to their political blog friends and use them for political messaging spin.

Have one of your top government hacks lock the door to the chambers to prevent the bipartisan reform coalition from conducting the people’s business.

If you can’t stop government from moving forward in the courts, bus in the federally funded ACORN protesters to physically intimidate senators and their staffs. Spitting in the face of a female staffer might just get her to back down and shut up, in a kinda spousal abuse sorta way.
Finally, if all else fails and the Senate Democrats can’t figure out a way to gain back the absolute power they so desperately want to ensure the senate remains a New York City driven chamber, simply don’t show up for work, ensuring nothing gets done in state government.

In effect, hold the state senate and the public hostage until you get your power back. Somehow, I don’t think this is what voters had in mind when they supposedly pulled the Democrat Absolute Power lever in their voting booths last year.


John Restaino said...

Wow!! When does the audio book come out??

Paladin said...

Wow. Holy crap. I find myself in absolute agreement with Larry Castellani.

I never thought in a million years I would type those words.

Barney said...

Nice post Larry

rob clark said...

I agree with Larry.Where do I sign the petition for this one.

John, I would have loved sitting in and taking calls for this one.

Mr. Pink said...

I too am in agreement with Larry. Macro government is a failure, just look at California. Too many disparate interests with different needs ruled by a government that can only look at watered-down one-size-fits-all solutions. Smaller, community based government would be better for most things sans miliatry, mass transportation, etc.

John Restaino said...

Rob,The show will be back real soon.