June 19, 2009

Abusing The System

If there was ever a doubt why so many people, myself included, have disdain for public sector employees, look no further than today's excellent story in the Union Sun & Journal by Joyce Miles.

The story focuses on Michael Collette, an 18-year member of the Lockport Fire Department. He has not worked since March 20 due to a back injury he says he suffered on the job. Was he hurt saving a life? Nope, he was lifting a box. Collette alleges that because of this box-lifting injury, he can't work. But on his Facebook page, Collette boasts about yachting on the Hudson River, traveling to Florida, buying a home and opening a second limo outlet in Naples — and planning a month-long “Great RV Tour” of the western United States. But he can't work. Oh, and he's collecting his full, taxpayer-funded salary of $67,000.

Yes, you are paying for this guy to live his twisted life of luxury. Not only are Lockport residents paying him to jaunt across the country, you are paying overtime for the personnel that is forced to work because he's off yachting. How freakin' sickening is that?

Collette is quite angered that the city would dare question the validity of his claim. In Miles' piece, he states, "It’s a slap in the face. I was injured at work; it’s on the record,” he said. “Plain and simple, the city has been illegally using my sick days. ... They’re jeopardizing my career, my future, my retirement and my hard-earned benefits." Well boo-freakin-hoo.

You are jeopardizing the ability of people to stay in their homes because stunts like this out of public sector leeches like you have driven our property taxes insanely high.

The city of Lockport is willing to put Collette on "light duty", which means he'd be assigned to dispatch. The union president, Randall Parker, insists the city has to “negotiate” terms before the union would allow a disabled member to be employed differently. I'm so sick and tired of these clowns with their bloated salaries, free health insurance, lifetime benefits, exquisite retirement package and their disgusting sense of entitlement. You are not entitled to a goddamn thing. Go out and get a job in the private sector and get a real taste of life.

I know, I know, you'll say come do my job. I don't want your job. What I want is to see every municipality evaluate every service they provide to see if the private sector can do it cheaper, including public safety, because this has to stop. We are being taxed to death and leeches like this guy will keep taking and taking until there's nothing left to take.


Paladin said...

Amen, Hobbes. Last night driving home, while listening to WBEN, I heard Phil Rumore, the slimeball president of the Buffalo teachers union, announce that a kid in the Buffalo schools had Swine Flu. I saw him again on WGRZ.

Why is the union doing this? Doesn't the school district have an administration? But Rumore will never face discipline for overstepping his authority yet again.

We've let union boss scumbags like Rumore and Parker run WNY for years. And they've managed to run it into the ground--and stick us with the tab.

Enough is enough. Lockport should fire this Collette ass-clown, and then Mayor Tucker should show the firefighters union who's boss.

Paladin said...


I knew it was too good to last, being in agreement with Larry.

He's no doubt sitting there in his Che t-shirt, marijuana clouds billowing around his community college office, clenched fist raised skyward in a Black Panther salute, having once again struck a blow for the global revolution. "Workers of the world, unite! blah blah blah" and all that shit.

Frank DeGeorge said...

Larry isn't wrong about abuses in the private sector but when they are discovered, the person is quickly shown the door.

If this firefighter stole from the system, it will takes months or even years to get rid of him and he'll probably keep getting paid while we seek justice.

CBS99 said...

A life saved—heavenly : Niagara County : The Buffalo News

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I agree Hobbes! those stinkin out of shape sob's barely saved this girl!

Sonic5 said...

The life of a child was saved..you can't pay these guys enough for that.

lido said...

They get paid to save lives. Congratulations, you did your job. Freakin' ridiculous....the only job where you look to the press to reward you for doing your job. Go blow it out your ass. No one cares.

Apparently they also get paid to go yachting, RV all over the country and fuck the taxpayers. THAT, people do care about. Freakin fat, lazy scumbags.

CBS99 said...

I ran across Lido's profile:


38 Male

Unemployed. Lives in his parents basement/bedroom.

His profile says he has kissed a girl, but I keep having to reminding him that his mommy does not count.

Predictable sociopathic behavior.