May 26, 2009


We've all heard the excitement surrounding the possible arrival of Yahoo! into our community. As you've likely heard, the Internet giant is considering a location in Western New York, possibly in Niagara or Orleans County. As part of the negotiations, Yahoo! is seeking 15 megawatts of low cost power, which NYPA, apparently sick of being humiliated due to their repeated failures, has seen fit to allocate for this project.

We certainly hope that this deal comes to fruition. Tech jobs are the wave of the future and Yahoo! is leading that wave.

Our problem is the inability of elected officials to keep their mouths shut. Competing press conferences from both Governor David Paterson and United States Senator Charles Schumer do little to help the process along. You see, corporations prefer to have potential investments of this magnitude kept under wraps. There is no need for their competitors to know what they're doing.

What is even more disconcerting is the inability of Schumer and Paterson to understand that their asses are now on the line. They've publicly stated that Yahoo! is coming - if the deal falls through, they're going to look bad - really bad.

What they obviously don't understand is that by coming out publicly, they've strenghtened the hand of Yahoo! on these ongoing negotiations. Yahoo! is well aware of the fact that two extremely high profile elected officials have much riding on this deal. They are now in a position to not only ask for low-cost power, they're in a position to ask for much more. Frankly, I hope they do.

Our community desperately needs good paying jobs. Of course, virtually every community in the country could say the same thing. That's what makes this deal so critical, the competition for these jobs. We are hopeful that our community economic development leaders can seal the deal. If not, Schumer and Paterson will have some serious 'splainin' to do.


Niagara Prognosticator said...

You are too, too funny Hobbes:

Dark Knight said...

Newsflash: Politicians like the limelight when it comes to making big economic development stories and sometimes...gasp...they jump the gun.

What did I wake up in 1999 and Dennis Gorski is announcing a GM Powertrain expansion way too early in hopes of helping his election.