May 1, 2009

This Broderick Stuff Smells

I don't know anything about the role the County Treasurer is supposed to play in being the executor of estates. Clearly, the State Legislature had something in mind for smaller counties when they wrote the law that gave the Treasurer this power.

I don't know who is and isn't telling the truth in this debacle Dave Broderick got himself into with the Snyder family. Lots of allegations, lots of charges.....and no one appearing overly honorable.

I do know that Dave Broderick has appeared to be a good public servant for the people of Niagara County for a lot of years. That record earns you some benefit of the doubt.

So, with all that said, I can't help but agree with much of the Buffalo News editorial that beats Broderick up over this estate stuff. It just doesn't smell right.

Giving real estate work to your wife from the estates you are administering...even just one....isn't right. Giving your brother legal work is wrong. Hooking up long time friends isn't acceptable. And doing it all away from the public spotlight....well, that creates the mess Broderick finds himself in right now.

It's time Broderick stand up, answer all questions, comes clean and lets the chips fall where they may. Sure, the other side is playing politics with this...that's what politicians do. But playing politics doesn't necessarily mean they are wrong.

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