May 8, 2009

Sweatin' With The Socialists

Get your spandex on!


lido said...

First, Larry, it's a parody. It's meant to be funny. Secondly, for you to state that the right winger are keeping middle Americans uncompromisingly stupid shows just how out of touch you are. It's the left wingers that are herding the sheep into the slaughterhouse. If you ask an Obama supporter why they supported him, they cannot name one tangible policy position that instigated their support for him, It's usually because he's a good speaker, a good motivator, or as is the case for most of the sheep, because they wanted to be part of history in voting for the first black president.

James T. Kirk said...

Larry, learn to laugh. You leftists were obnoxious when you were out of power, but you're insufferable now that you've actually GOT all the power. Ronald Reagan succeeded because he could laugh at himself. Give it a try. Or give it a rest.

John Restaino said...

That was funny!! I can't believe the RIGHT-WING is resorting to humor. I guess things are really changing. I wonder if "Torturin' to Tesla" is next??? Talk about trampling on the constitution. The constitution is in the eye of the beholder...isn't it???