May 19, 2009

Rivera's Conspiracy Theories Misguided

On Monday, we commented on the misogynistic pattern that Democrat Party Boss Dan Rivera has exhibited the past couple of years, culminating in his repulsive attacks on Legislator Andrea McNulty—attacks that have focused not on Ms. McNulty, per se, but rather on her son, giving McNulty the choice of defending her seat, or defending her family.

Now, news comes out that McNulty has chosen the latter option, and we can’t blame her. Having seen the lows to which Rivera will stoop in his illegal use of information gleaned from his employer to destroy Gary Parenti, we would, no doubt, choose the same path as McNulty.

Still, the things that are coming out of Rivera’s mouth continue to stun.

As Democrat Party errand-boy Mark Scheer recounts in today’s Niagara Gazette, “County Democratic Party Chairman Dan Rivera questioned [Independence Party Legislature candidate Russ] Rizzo’s intentions and the timing of the two announcements, suggesting they were coordinated by the powers-that-be in the rival Republican Party. Rivera contends that prior to issues being raised about McNulty’s residency, the local GOP was attempting to position McNulty as a potential replacement for Gerald Farnham, a Republican who currently represents Pendleton in the seventh legislative district. Rivera said the GOP had hoped to continue to maintain McNulty’s Ninth District seat by replacing her with another candidate, which he said now appears to be Rizzo.”

As Mr. Spock might say, fascinating.

Dan Rivera has such an insight into the thinking of the Niagara County Republican Party, that he knew their plans before they even hatched them! Yes, no doubt the wily Henry Wojtaszek planned to replace Legislator Gerald Farnham with McNulty. One wonders if Farnham was in on this dastardly plan, because sources tell us he’s been gearing up for his re-election campaign.

Even better, a member of the Independence Party announces his candidacy for office hours before McNulty declares her intentions of not contesting her seat, and we see the nefarious hand of Republican Senator George Maziarz!

Apparently, any candidate in the Ninth District (or anywhere in Niagara County) not chosen by Rivera and the Democrat high command is to be treated as suspect, and, no doubt, part of this dastardly conspiracy.

Perhaps, for good measure, Rivera can begin linking political candidates who won’t kiss his ring to the Freemasons, the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Men in Black, UN black helicopters, the Vatican Police, and the Cigarette-Smoking Man from the X-Files.

Those of us with both feet planted firmly in reality are going to go about our lives and be glad that this sordid episode has now drawn to a close. We won’t miss images of Rivera and Jimmy Sacco Jr. sneaking around McNulty’s properties early in the morning trying to catch a glimpse of her in her bathrobe. And we hope this ends Rivera’s misguided rantings about conspiracies reaching all the way to the highest office in the land.

Until then, though, we suggest those who need it get the help they need. Paranoid delusions are not something that should be left untreated.


John Restaino said...

Shouldn't the represenitive of an area atleast live in that area?? I know it is hard to admit Riviera is right, but he is on this. I don't know about the conspiracy theory but the facts seem pretty clear. The fact the she (McNulty) is a "Maziarz-crat" is a shame.

Mr. Pink said...

John, I completely disagree that Rivera is right. As pointed out in the press, she meets all the qualifications for residency in NT. So her husband owns a home in Pendleton. As the paper said, the same thing goes on in Erie County with Michelle Ianello and Dennis Ward. And this sort of thing is very common downstate.

If McNulty's boyfriend, rather than husband, lived in Pendleton and she slept over there and answered the door in her bathrode, this wouldnt' be an issue.

By state law, she meets the requirements of residency and that's that. I thought this "Rivera hates women" thing was whackky, but I'm starting to believe it based on his viciousness here.

Barney said...

You would think that reporters like Mark Scheer would have to swear some sort of oath to be impartial.

But sadly enough Mark Scheer is very supportive of the democratic agenda.

I have witness this first had during a public meeting an individual dictated and highlighted talking points to Mark. Low and behold these showed up in the Gazette the next day.

It’s a shame but a fact.

Barney said...


I heard you were considering a run in Niagara Falls. If this rumor is true let us know when you are kicking it off. You got my support.

John Restaino said...


You are very funny.

Barney said...


It good that you did not deny it... You are still a honest man.