May 15, 2009

Rivera Continues To Target Women

I really don't know what Niagara County Democratic Chairman Dan Rivera's relationship status is, and frankly I'm not quite sure I want to know. But one thing that is difficult for anyone to refute is Rivera's propensity for less than stellar interaction with women.

We're all quite familiar with the incident in which allegations of physical and verbal abuse were levied against Rivera by former Lewiston Dem Chairwoman Diane Roberts, which lead to her resignation.

We've also touched on the involvement with the Niagara Dems in what turned out to be a front for a sex-slave ring. As you may recall, the Dems received boatloads of campaign cash from the owners of the chain of "massage parlors", and even after they were arrested, the Dems refused to give any of that money back. These were dollars that were made by women who were literally imprisoned and forced to perform sexual acts for money.

In addition, there was Rivera's highly publicized battle with former ally Kelly Taylor, which culminated with Rivera asking the Niagara County District Attorney to investigate the nominating petitions Taylor circulated for former Congressional candidate Jack Davis.

Now, Rivera is going after another woman, and another Democratic woman at that. Rivera has unleashed his attacks on Niagara County Legislator Andrea McNulty, alleging that she doesn't live in the same house she did when she was elected.

Now, I don't know too much about the law that governs this, and frankly, I don't care. She states that she lives in the district she was elected to represent. Until someone with some actual legal standing says different, I'll chalk this up to political rhetoric. The problem, though, is Rivera. He's not waiting for someone with legal standing to issue an opinion, he's going right for the jugular of, you guessed it, another woman.

In today's Buffalo News, he doesn't state something to the effect of "we might want to take a look at this" or "I've heard she may have moved, but I'll let those who are responsible for oversight of these matters to make that determination". Nope, Rivera comes right out with this gem: “My contention is, not only is the office vacant, she’s been defrauding the public. She owes the county back her salary for the months since she moved out of her district.” Really Dan? So you think it's okay to slander someone before anyone actually has any facts on the situation? Or, is it that you think it's okay to slander a woman before anyone actually has the facts on the situation?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I think women abusers are the absolute lowest form of scum in the human race. I'm not saying Rivera is or he isn't. But if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck...well, you know the rest.

Given Rivera's propensity for going after women, especially Dem women, Renae Kimble best cover her ass. Danny boy just may be looking for his next target. Of course, I'm pretty sure Renae could hold her own in a battle with Dan. In fact, I'd go as far as to say I think she could take him.


Barney said...

Sorry Hobbs - A bit of a reach, maybe at best a stretch.

The real story is how pathetic Dan Rivera and James Sacco are – truly boob 1 and 2.

I’m sure there will be no more play dates with the Sacco family – I feel sorry for his wife and kids. I can imagine the conversation he had with his child – no you can’t play with your new friend because they are really Republicans. I’m sure Sacco’s wife now believes that she married an true A$$hole. The only thing he accomplished is earning the distinction of being Rivera’s #1 lapdog.
Can you just picture those two jokers (Rivera and Sacco) camped out in some grey sedan at the end if the street with their binoculars and Timmy Hos – big losers. Is this what Niagara County Democratic Party has sunken too?

My point is, if they really wanted to make this an issue they could have done it with a lot more class – and left the kids out of it.

And as far as Scheer, he’s a clueless suck up, I can’t keep track of the number of his articles lately that have been “over the top” like this one. I find it funny that he went out to McNulty house – is this what he calls investigative reporting? What’s up with the bathrobe comment? Scheer an idiot.

John Restaino said...

This is pathetic!!

John Restaino said...

This is just a Republican attack dog barking!!

Paladin said...

Gee, John, since your shitty radio show failed and went off the air, you've got a lot of time to post your rants on this blog...

John Restaino said...
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John Restaino said...

Sorry Paladin that I posted on this blog. My "shitty" radio show wasn't cancelled I am moving on(highest rated show from 10-11am). I have always enjoyed reading this stuff. Because of you paladin I will no longer post. I don't want to offend.

Bob LaBarbera said...

Right on, Larry. I'm certainly no advocate for Rivera, but by the way, Barney, I don't think you'll see Sacco & Rivera out for coffee anytime soon. In fact, when are you going to sign your real name to validate your opinions?This "cupie doll" McNulty is nothing more than the handpicked "republicrat of the month" by the unholy alliance of Maziarz/Wojtaczek. Having two addresses to satisfy residency requirements by politicians is nothing new. We SHOULD be incensed that this CHEAP TRICK is just another in a series of smoke screens being perpetrated on the taxpayers of Niagara County. A lot of high profile fat cats are getting FATTER as a result. When are we going to get sick of being hoodwinked & stop reelecting these shills for George & Henry? Get rid of all these stiffs & maybe we can stop the migration South. Even a well heeled guy like Golisano has given up on our elected officials & left us taxpayers behind to be the only prey left for these predators. Aren't we getting sick of being hoodwinked? When are we, as voters, going to take a stand & get rid of all these self-serving scavengers? Wake Up!!!

Bob LaBarbera said...

NO ONE can ever accuse me of being a supporter of Rivera, but this is such a no brainer, even he has a legitimate grip here! Maintaining 2addresses is the oldest, CHEAP TRICK in the book for politicians to establish residency. As Larry points out, this cupie doll who has proven to be the handpicked "republicrat of the month" by the unholy alliance of Maziarz/Wojtaczek to further their stranglehold on the taxpayers of our County; and PROSPER while they're doing this! As far as the assertions by Barney, I don't think you'll be seeing Sacco & Rivera out for coffee anytime soon. When are the voters going to wise up & quit reelecting these shills for King George? Isn't the AES debacle enough to open your eyes? Aren't you getting sick of being hoodwinked by the same vultures that are feasting on our bleached bones? Pretty soon there'll be nothing left & we'll all have no choice but to pull up our roots and flee the State. Hell, even a well-heeled guy like Golisano has seen the handwriting on the wall & jumped ship. Wake up and get rid of these stiffs!

Barney said...


Don't leave ... it will not be as much fun here with just us conservatives. Many of us do enjoy an educated argument from the left's perspective.


I don't care where she lives - I'm sure it will get sorted out.

However, I believe that kids should remain “out of bounds.” Sacco knew who she was and he still encouraged a "play date" between their children to collect information.

Sacco used his own child for political gain - That is the lowest I've ever seen the Rivera camp go.

No wonder the Lewiston Dems and many Dems in the Falls have left the Rivera camp. You ever think that it might be Dan’s personality and lack of leadership that is driving good people to the GOP.

Open your mind and think about it.