May 22, 2009

Mesi & Friends, Screwing The Taxpayers

We all know the story with Baby Joe Mesi; a guy who made a name for himself fighting tomato cans while gaining fame and fortune in the boxing world. He also made a name for himself on the local bar circuit.

After his boxing career flamed out, some Democrats thought he might make a good candidate for office, despite his having sustained brain damage, and he ran for State Senate last fall. Mesi ultimately fell short of his quest, losing to former Erie County Legislator Mike Ranzenhofer.

Mesi, though, landed on his feet. He was given a do-nothing job with the State Senate Democrats, leading a staff of what is reported to be 10 people in the Buffalo office of the Senate Majority.

In case you were wondering, there are just two state senators in the Buffalo area, Bill Stachowski and Antoine Thompson, who currently serve in the Democratic Majority. So, in addition to their own bloated staffs, there are ten additional people (supposedly) working for two senators. It's estimated that the office will cost the taxpayers of the state about $700,000.

In addition, it's been reported that Mesi has been on the senate payroll since January 1, despite the fact that the office didn't even physically exist until recently. One must wonder what Mesi was doing to earn that nice $70k salary, considering he hadn't had a place to go to work.

Sadly, Mesi wasn't the only political hack to benefit from the Dems takeover of the senate. In a Niagara Times exclusive, we have learned of those who sought work, or are working, in the Democrat's State Senate Majority office. They include:

  • Diane Wellenc
  • Erie Paul
  • Geraldine Ford
  • Matt Makowski
  • Tashene Erbanks
  • Heather Leaderstorf
  • Angela McNeal
  • Marthe Ngwashi
  • David Pfaff
  • Christopher Walsh
  • Willie Morris
  • Melissa Sanchez
  • Bernard Ryan
  • Joseph Deomond
  • Steve Spillman
  • Joseph Malczerski
  • Jonathan Rivera
  • Kristin Keane

All are connected to the Democratic Party.

Makowski is a former associate with Lippes Mathias Wexler Freedman, with a Business Law, Political Science BA from the University of Miami.

Ford and Eubanks serve on the staff of Buffalo Council member Demone Smith. Obviously if they move over to the senate office, that creates two more openings for Smith, and the patronage gravy train keeps rolling on.

Leaderstorf works for Byron Brown in the city of Buffalo's Finance, Policy & Urban Affairs department.

Ngwashi works at the Buffalo Office of the NYS Attorney General. She previously worked as the Regional Director of the NYS Democratic Committee.

Wellenc, according to NYS BOE records, gave two separate political contributions to Mesi's campaign in 2008, one for $667.50 and the second for $996.44. Who says politics doesn't pay?

Pfaff is formerly the executive director of the Erie County Democratic Committee under Steve Pigeon. He was nailed in Comptroller Mark Poloncarz’s 2006 cell phone audit as one of two political operatives who still possessed and used county cell phones at taxpayer expense for more than a year after involuntarily leaving the county. Pfaff also was involved in a highly publicized incident in which Erie County Leg Lynn Marinelli used her pork money allocation to hire Pfaff.

One seriously has to wonder, where is the outrage? How are people like Bill Stachowski and Antoine Thompson allowed to continue to rape the taxpayers of this state without justifying their actions? They've screwed us time and time again and they just go about their merry way.

These tea parties make for fine TV, but they don't accomplish a thing. People need to get up, get together and stop this insanity. Until we do, we deserve exactly what is being shoved straight down our throats.


Niagara Prognosticator said...

On this weekend, I remember a few things.

One would think that political patronage would be one of the last things that a Maziarz ally would complain about. John Cerreto, Dan Sklarski NYS Parks. Rob Daly & Mal Needler Power Authority. Jim Ward & Glenn Arronow Maziarz's staff. How many public jobs has Mike Carney held? How much public work does Henry W's firm Harris Beach do for Republican controlled government entities? How many Republican attorneys has HB absorbed since Henry W became affiliated? Where is the fair haired child Michael Norris this days. How about the slew of Republicans Assistant District Attorneys hired by "I never had an opponent for re-election" Matt Murphy (Nice of the Reps to give him a walk on the County Judge race too). How about the expanded Public Defenders office? More like the make work for Republican Attorneys. Isn't it interesting that the party of "less government" seems to have an inordinate number of it's seemingly educated and otherwise qualified for the private sector members on the public payroll? For that matter, has George Maziarz ever held a private sector job?

Food for thought. Why would Maziarz mouthpiece Hobbes attack Mesi now? Mesi has been closely allied with the Golisano/Pigeon political office purchasing machine. An operation which Senator Maziarz has recently tried to publicly embrace? Could this diatribe by Hobbes be a result of a failure to launch in that relationship?

Niagara Prognosticator said...


Its always been that way. It is the American Way! Sometimes I wonder if you pine away for a simpler, more pure era that never was?

From the late 50s to the early 70s, the US political spectrum leaned a bit toward classic liberalism, with people oriented interest groups getting traction in the towers of power, but alas the elite born of money and privilege retook center stage. Call it revenge of the Nerds. The Cheneys, Wolfowitz's, Bushes and other Chicken Hawks of privilege who kept their hair short and cast despising sneers in the direction of the neo-liberals finally re-gained traction with the collapse of competing and corrupt socialistic nation-states leaving the to the self-anointed royalty-in-waiting the opportunity to recapture their birthright and reinvigorate the myth of the inherent superiority of unfettered, laziez faire capitalism. The Communists so destroyed the reputation of Marxist analysis that the valid discipline of objective and analytical critique of the now obvious shortcomings western capitalism and monetarism is lost to a whole generation who live under a false hope for revival, a false hope most gloriously proclaimed by now President Obama.

Niagara Prognosticator said...


"Jade lefty of the anti-war hippy era." Yikes. I hope I've traveled beyond that my fine fellow! (pun intended) You are right regarding Marx. He missed allot. But perhaps grant that his method of critique is his most important legacy. I've only cited his work as something that folks will recognize as a counter-point to Adam Smith free market, every individual for herself current conventional folk invisible hand wisdom. Marx is like Newton or Freud. Each started the ball in the modern direction, each has been thoroughly vetted and each has been held to have gotten some right, but much wrong. For example, Marx largely failed to anticipate the rise of the democratic-socialists in Northern Europe. An anomaly to Marx's prediction of capital's relentless road to collapse under its own weight or the notion that only change can occur through proletariat revolution.

Truth be told, I have't read any real heavy-duty political philosophy in over 20 years, so perhaps I'm simply incapable of real thought any more, as opposed to having become jaded. Or maybe I am jaded. I have been over 30 for quite some time.

Piccone sounds interesting, perhaps a summer reading is in order. Or perhaps we can start a bit of a reading club? Piccone first. And then Hobbes and his mob can suggest the right wing counter. lol!

Niagara Prognosticator said...

Piccone Dude had something to offer:


Paladin said...

Boy, Hobbes, the DelMonte staffers are giving it their all attacking your blog lately...must be hitting 'em pretty close to the mark to get 'em all riled up like that...